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Noida Structural audit of high-rises approved

Noida: As per the official reports and statement, the Noida Authority board has approved a policy proposal for a structural audit of high-rise buildings in Noida. This structural audit defines the responsibilities and roles of the resident’s association regarding structure repair and construction because reports found some structural defects.  

Last Saturday, a meeting was held at sector six by Noida Authority in its office and decided on the structural audit of high rises buildings. 

Meeting Held By Authorities

The meeting was held by Noida Authority chairman Arvind Kumar, Industrial Development Commissioner and Uttar Pradesh Infrastructure with Noida Authority chief executive officer in the presence of Ritu Maheshwari.

A senior official told PTI the Authority and board had approved the policy in the meeting. Still, it will be implemented after a week because due to some paperwork at the local level. After a week, the policy will be implemented. As per the officials, there are more than 100 high-rise buildings in Noida. Also, many high-rises have multiple towers.

Concerning the structural audit of high-rise buildings in Noida, the statement reveals Noida Authority prepared this structural audit of high rises because of the demand of the apartment owner’s association (AOA) and apartment buyers in which structural audit of high-grade approved by the Authority with severe changes. 

Structural Audit Inspected By IIT and NIT 

Per the statement, the policy of structural audit of high rises will be inspected by the NIT and IIT. The builders will submit the experts’ institution and the reports before or after the issue of OC (occupancy certificate). 

According to the statement, even after the allocation of full or partial OC (occupancy certificate) of any project, if 25% or more allottees of AOA or tower complain about structural flaws in the building, the committee will inspect the complaint at the authority level and finds that structural defect is a major or minor category. 

Apartment Ownership Act

Under the Apartment Ownership Act, the developers must remove and correct the structural defects of buildings in two years. The structural audit of high rise will be conducted or inspected by the expert institution for the structural flaws and imperfections in structures.” it stated.

It added the builder would take suitable action to rectify the defects found in the building by the agency. Also, the Authority will inform the RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) in case of two or five years to rectify the deficiencies in a high-rise building.

According to the statement, under the Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act, the responsibility of removing the structural flaw rests with the builder for five years and more than five years with the AOA. This time will be calculated after the issue of OC (occupancy certificate).

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It stated that if structural defects are found within five years or five years after issuing OC (occupancy certificate), then builders should remove the flaws. The Authority decides in the meeting.

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