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Gurugram DTCP wants a pause on lease deeds of Brisk Infrastructure & Raheja Developers

Despite many remainders or notice Brisk Infrastructure and Raheja Developers failed to deposit audit amount. Due to this, DTCP (District town planner) Amit Madholia wrote to Nishant Yadav (deputy commissioner) and inform this incident.

GURUGRAM: The DTCP has recommended that the registration of lease deeds and sale for all projects of two Raheja developers and Brisk Infrastructure should be stopped, because both the developers have been unsuccess to pay the amount for structural audits of their residential societies in Gurugram.

The district administration of Gurugram has made a group of 4-member team for the structure audit of 16 residential society in the first week of august this year. The team was formed because some residents alleged construction or quality flaws in the society.

Raheja Developers & Brisk Infrastructure 

Also, District town planner (DTCP) Amit Madholia, remainder Raheja Developers and Brisk Infrastructure on 24 September and on 6 October to submit or pay the amount for the structural audit.  In the second week of September district administration were asked to the developers for pay an escrow amount. On 28, October, Deputy commissioner held a meeting and decided to give 7 days to the developers to clear pending dues. The cost of audit was to be borne by the developers and agencies were to be paid at the rate of Rs 1.75 per square feet.

(DTCP) Amit Madholia said in the letter

Amit Madholia said in the letter, no payment was made by Raheja developers and Brisk Infrastructure according to account statements. He also said, if the implementation of lease deeds is stopped, one project of Brisk Infrastructure and 16 projects of Raheja Developers will be affected.

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A spokesperson of Raheja said, we have requested to DTCP to implead of our projects of structural deficiencies because we did not construct or designed them. If our application is not considered we will obey the DTPC orders. The authorities have been asked to address the issue towards the agencies that have literally constructed and direct these projects.

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