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Chintels Paradiso residents Won’t vacate homes without a compensation plan (1) (1) (1)

Chintels Paradiso Residents

The authorities issued an order, or DTP (district town planner) the vacate the two towers of Chintels Paradiso in sector -109, Gurugram. This order led to 42 families living there in a society with dark or uncertain in their life.  

GURUGRAM: Bhaskar Parashar, a resident living in the society, was planning for his daughter’s marriage, but due to this incident, his priorities changed overnights.

Sushil Kumar Rohilla, a society resident, spent all his savings in a flat and wanted to spend peaceful retired life in his three bhk apartment; now he must find another house to live in as well.  

Chintels Paradiso in sector -109, Gurugram.

In February, two women died due to the collapse of the living room in tower d of Chintels Paradiso. After this incident, the district issued an order, and a committee was formed.

It was found that tower E and tower F were unsuitable for habitation. Even the committee found several structural deficiencies in the tower.  

Also, the residents of towers E and F demanded the developer for resettlement and cost.

The district town planner ordered to vacant of the building, but the resident refused to vacate their apartments until the government arranged the roadmap for habitation. 

Parashar, a resident who lives in tower E of Chintels Paradiso

Parashar, a resident who lives in tower E of Chintels Paradiso, said the government should fix the problem of the residents and find a roadmap for settlement or compensation.

It has a government duty to the public’s welfare and future responsibility. The authority says that the tower is unsafe for habitation unless there is a proper solution.

Tower is unsafe for habitation

He also said I was planning a marriage for my daughter, but we decided to leave our home due to this sudden incident.

Also, it was the government that passed and issued the license to the developer.  

Rohilla, a resident in tower f of society, gives the example of NBCC Greenview, where residents also asked the vacate their homes due to structural defects.  

Also, he added that no one would leave their flat unless we got proper instruction and compensation. We do not want to struggle like the residents of NBCC Greenview who are working for a refund of their flats. 

We have spent 50 lakhs on the interior of the flat. Also, we buy the three bhk flat in tower E for Rs 2 crore and spent 1.25 crore. After seeing the structural deficiencies of the tower, if it is not Fraud, then what is it?

Collapse of the living room in tower D of Chintels Paradiso

The builder or developer even did not meet with us. We need an open plan from the government, Priya Anil Thomas said. 

In February, after the collapse of the living room in tower D of Chintels Paradiso, the residents raised many questions to developers and construction and structural quality.

Both towers E and tower F, were home to 42 families. The 116 flats in buildings E and F are home to 42 families.

After this incident, a committee was formed to inspection for the quality of the towers. 

Rakesh Hooda, the RWA president of the society, said a meeting was held with the residents of two towers D for the rate offered. He also said we are very disappointed with the emptying of Tower D.

The developer also paid less amount from our expectations. 

RWA decided to hire an independent agency to evaluate the flats in towers E and F

The RWA decided to hire an independent agency to evaluate the flats in towers E and F. The flat buyers said they do not accept the rate of administration and decided on tower D. 

Don't pay rent pay emi get your home

As per the reports, the flats in Tower D have estimated costs of Rs 93 lakh and Rs 1.7 crore. They depend on flat sizes. But, the current market rate in the area is Rs 12,000 square feet. 

On Friday, Nishant Yadav, Deputy commissioner of Gurugram, held a meeting with the flat owners and developer.

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