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Gurugram: Structural audits of 16 societies complete

GURUGRAM: Earlier, the district administration gave the order for the structural audits of high-rise societies. The residents of the societies are still waiting to hear about the findings. The audit reports were submitted to the concerned authorities two weeks ago.


According to the Sources, the audit report is yet to be reviewed by the authorities and district administration.

Residents Complaint about Construction Quality and Flaws 

Last Tuesday, the residents of the societies complained about building flaws and poor construction quality. They said they are worried about knowing about the reports of structural audits and conclusions.

Gaurav Prakash, who lives in Brisk Lumbini, Sector 109, Gurgaon, said the Residents have been waiting for the structural audit and its results since February. As per the latest update, the structural audit report of the buildings was to be shared with the residents by November 15.


Gaurav Prakash added that it is likely the auditors would have suggested a more comprehensive survey to ascertain if the apartment complexes are fit for habitation. He said we would be forced to live under sustained threats. 

Chintels Paradiso


In February 2022, the death of two persons at Chintels Paradiso led to the district administration for the structural audit of 16 high-rise societies. The audit was based on the complaints of the residents. 

Authorities issued Four agencies for structural audits

The authorities issued Four agencies for the structured audit in August, but the survey was begun in mid-September. In this audit process, the agency will inspect, studying any apparent defect signs of deterioration, an on-site inspection of the buildings, and damage to columns or labs and beams of the structures.


The societies include Paras Irene (Sector 70A), Signature Global Solera (Sector 107), Antriksh Heights (Sector 84), DLF Park Place (Sector 54), M3M Woodshire (Sector 107), Central Park II Bellevue (Sector 48), Brisk Lumbini (Sector 109), Mahindra Aura (Sector 110 A) and Mapsko Casabella (Sector 82).

Raheja Atharva another society for Audit 

Raheja Atharva is another society where the structural audit is expected to be carried out. Nikil lived in Raheja Atharva and said in the statement that we have faced many construction-related issues for the last five years. However, the residents of the societies have yet to receive any support and help from the concerned authorities. He also said an audit of other societies had been done, but despite repeated follow-ups audit of our building is pending. 

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When we asked, the deputy commissioner of Gurgaon, Nishant Yadav, told TOI that We held discussions with the agency this Friday. We will call the Residential Welfare Associations to brief them about the findings this week.


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