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Chintels Paradiso Builder Wants another Audit before Demolition

The builder had some advance discussions with EIL (Engineers India Limited) and CBRI (Central Building Research Institute) for another structure audit of Chintels Paradiso for another opinion. 

GURUGRAM: There is intense controversy over money refunds to buyers and demolishing the building or towers of Chintels Paradiso. The builder said we would do another audit before the final call to know the strength of the building. 

Residents Welfare Association

The developer said this in a mail to the society’s Resident Welfare Association (RWA).

There are some discussions with EIL and CBRI. Chintels Paradiso wanted another audit to get a second opinion. 

After the mail, the Residents Welfare Association approached the district administration seeking its intervention. Deputy Commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav has said that the developers have to obey the orders.  

Vice President of Chintels J N Yadav Said

Vice president of Chintels, J N Yadav, said in the mail we have repeatedly requested the DTCP (Department of Town and Country Planning). And asked for documents of the actual lab test results on which the IIT-Delhi has made its conclusion mail.

So far, there has yet to be a proper response from the authority, in which we cannot make a suitable decision to move forward. We have some serious discussions with Central Building Research Institute and Engineers India Limited to regulate another structural audit of buildings to get a second opinion,” J N Yadav said.

Developer of Chintels Paradiso Said

The developer of Chintels Paradiso said all the affected towers could be repaired because there are many advanced technologies and science in the world that has the potential to restore old buildings. Even it can be fixed with similar problems. 

He also said it would be impulsive and foolhardy to demolish and rush a beautiful building. Based on an unsupported report of any institution, without taking any other possible alternatives in this matter.

It was said in the mail most of the residents of Chintels Paradiso wanted to continue living there. They have a strong desire to continue. According to the interest of stakeholders, we wanted a second audit of the building by a more trusted agency such as EIL and CBRI. Or any other international agency.  

President of the Residents Welfare Association, Rakesh Hooda, called the builder’s attitude inhumane and unresponsive.

WHEN CONTACTED BY PTI, J N Yadav, Vice president of Chintels, said we are looking for a second opinion. IIT needs to give actual reports. They are seeking a second opinion, as IIT has failed to provide an accurate test report and summons the premier institution of hiding facts. J N Yadav asked how we could demolish a building without proper notice. 

Deputy Commissioner Nishant Kumar Yadav said IIT is a trustworthy institution, so there is no need for a second opinion. He also said we will provide them with a report, but they must obey the order.

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The collapse of the sixth floor of tower d led to the death of two people. After this accident, the authority was asked to demolish the building of Chintels Paradiso society in sector 109, Gurgaon, in February this year.  

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