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Four illegal Farmhouses Demolished – Gurugram

The NGT (National Green Tribunal) has issued orders to demolish eight illegal structures because it was constructed on eco-sensitive land. 

GURUGRAM: On Saturday, the DTCP (department of town and country planning department) gave orders to demolish and bring down four illegal farmhouses. These farmhouses were built near the reservoir of Damdama lake, Sohna. 

Even the fifth farmhouse could only be sealed because it was built on the other side of the Damdama lake and out of the reach of bulldozers by road.

DTCP Seal illegal farmhouses

The NGT (National Green Tribunal) has given orders to demolish eight illegal structures. Because these farmhouses were built on eco-sensitive land. Last Wednesday, a police team and DTCP officers had taken ship on a 15-minute ride around the Damdama lake to seal three illegal farmhouses. Singer Mika Singh owned even one farmhouse. 

As part of the Saturday evening drive, the DTCP team demolished 17 structures and huts, boundary walls spanning 4km, a road network, and around 60 electric poles.

District Town Planner, Amit Madholia, Said

District town planner, Amit Madholia, said in his statement that one farmhouse is built on another side of the lake; it is impossible to reach there by road. We will go to another side of the lake by boat and bring down the farmhouse. Our team will go there and seal all the property. 


Sections four and 5 of the Punjab Land Preservation Act protect the land around the Aravali. All illegal Construction and non-forest activities are banned in these regions. According to the Environment Act of 1986, any non-forest work in the forest, such as Construction and cutting trees, is forbidden.

National Green Tribunal Said in its Order

In 2020, the National Green Tribunal said in its order illegal Construction and activities on forest land or area covered by the Aravali region are unlawful. Such forest land has to be recovered from unlawful activities. 


According to the notification dated 07.05.1992, any construction that happens in the forest area or the area covered without permission of the concerned authority and departments after the date of the information has to be treated as illegal work, and such forest area has to be restored.

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Despite the order from the authorities, many illegal constructions have happened around the lake. According to the Department Sources, these farmhouses were built in the last few years as the lake had partially dried up. It gives the landowners a chance to transport construction materials to the site.

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