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Easy Rangoli Designs Idea for Home | Effortlessly Elevate the Look of Your Home

Creating a rangoli design is a perfect way to add a touch of beauty and color to any occasion or celebration. By adding simple and easy rangoli designs to your home, it creates magic.

In India, rangoli design is used in different occasions and festivals like holi, Diwali, marriages, pooja, and other occasions for welcoming guests and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Rangoli is a traditional art form in which intricate and colorful patterns are painted on the floor near the entrance of the house. It is a way to clean up the environment and give a warm welcome to the visiting deities.

These patterns are made from colored powders, rice flour, flower petals, or other natural materials. Designs vary from simple geometric shapes to more intricate designs inspired by nature, mythology, or religion.

In this blog, we will explore 10+ easy rangoli designs for home that can be used for special occasions, festivals, and other requirements.

1. Geometric Rangoli Design – Easy Rangoli Designs

Geometrice simple rangoli design

If you are looking for easy rangoli designs, then you can choose the geometric rangoli design, where you can create intricate shapes like squares, triangles, or circles. These designs are not only easy to create, but they also look stunning when completed.

Even if you have never tried your hand at rangoli, you can easily create a masterpiece with just a few basic ideas.

Whether it’s a complex shape like a circle, square, rectangle, star, or flower, the possibilities are endless. It is a simple rangoli or kolam design that anyone will easily create.

Geometric rangoli designs are easy to create. You can start by drawing basic shapes like a circle, square, or rectangle on the floor. Then, connect these shapes with dots to create a pattern. You can add dots or small shapes to the shapes to make them more appealing.

Use vibrant rangoli colors like red, yellow, green, and blue to complement the design.

It’s a lovely way to decorate your home for holidays or celebrations and welcome guests with fun and excitement. If you are looking for rangoli designs for Diwali, you can definitely go with these easy rangoli patterns.

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2. Lord Ganpati – Easy Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Ganesha simple rangoli design

In Hindu culture, before starting any work, we usually pray for Ganesha. And since rangoli is done on auspicious occasions, it is better to organize Ganpati rangoli.

Here is a simple rangoli design that you can do at home or in the office with bright rangoli colors. Ganesh rangoli art is one of the most popular rangoli arts.

You can easily make simple and beautiful rangoli designs to welcome Lord Ganesha into your home.

Start by drawing a large circle in the center for Ganpati’s face. Then add two small circles at the top for her eyes and a circular line at the bottom for her eyelids. Draw two circular lines on the sides for his ears. Then, draw a half circle at the bottom for that big belly.

Then decorate the area around it with flower petals, rice flour, or colored powder. Enhance the design by adding geometric shapes like triangles, rectangles, and dots around the Ganesha image.

You can also add traditional symbols like modak, lotus flowers, and a favorite pigeon or cat as well. If you are looking for a rangoli design for Diwali, it is a must-pick.

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3. Peacock Rangoli Design – Simple Rangoli Designs for Home

Peacock simple rangoli design

Making peacock rangoli is really popular and easy. It is popular for its bright colors and is also considered attractive.

You can build it right on the edge of your house, and it will look beautiful. First, draw the length of the spider body and tail.

Then, fill it with bright colors like blue, green, and red. You can add some patterns to make it look more beautiful. This simple design not only enhances the beauty of your home but also brings joy and happiness.

Follow these easy rangoli designs, which will enhance the look of your home and attract guests.

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4. Easy Rangoli Pattern with Chalk

simple rangoli design

One of the best things about using chalk for rangoli is that it is easily available and doesn’t require any special skills or materials.

You can start by making a simple outline of the design you want on the floor with white chalk. It is quite a simple and effective way to make kolam or rangoli designs.

Fill in the pattern with bright colors using colored chalk. Best of all, if you make a mistake, you can just delete it and start over! It’s like a blanket on your feet.

You can start by making a simple outline of the design you want on the floor with white chalk. Then, fill in the pattern with bright colors using colored chalk.

One of the best things about using chalk for rangoli painting is that it is easily available and cheap. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive supplies or equipment. Just pick up a pack of chalk from your local store.

Chalk is easy to clean up. So, you don’t have to worry about leaving a mess behind once the festivities are over. If you are a beginner, you should follow this rangoli design idea for your home.

5. Simple Unique Rangoli Design With Quilling

Making easy rangoli designs with quilling is like making crafts with colored paper. You roll the fibers into earrings and shape them like flowers or shapes. Next, you glue on a base to make your rangoli.

It’s a fun way to spruce up your home for holidays or celebrations. In addition, quilling adds a special element to your rangoli, making it stand out and unique.

So, gather up your scraps of paper and let your creativity flow to create a beautiful rangoli design that everyone will love.

One of the favorite things about simple rangoli design with quilling is that it’s accessible to everyone.

You don’t need expensive materials or years of training to create a masterpiece. All you need is patience, creativity, and a passion to explore new options.

6. Easy Rangoli Designs on Water

 Water simple rangoli design

Water rangoli is a modern twist on traditional art. Nowadays, instead of drawing from the ground, people use water as their canvas.

The surface of the water is decorated with candles, flowers, and diyas to create beautiful designs. Follow these simple unique rangoli designs at home to make your occasion or event beautiful.

Watercolor can also be used to add vibrant colors. All you need to make one is a bottle filled with water and a few drops of oil. Then, you draw your pattern on the bottle, and it looks amazing.

To make a simple rangoli design on water, you’ll need a shallow basin or container filled with water, along with materials like colored powders, flower petals, or even floating candles.

Begin by selecting a design or pattern for your rangoli. Traditional motifs such as flowers, geometric shapes, or peacock feathers work well for this technique.

Making a Rangoli design on water is like creating magic! The colors blend beautifully, making for a very stunning look. Imagine the smile on everyone’s face when they see what you’ve created. It’s like a beautiful painting floating right in front of you.

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7. Simple Rangoli Design with Sand

 simple rangoli design sand

Creating a simple rangoli design with sand is like drawing sand on a beach. First, choose a design you like, like floral or geometric shapes. To create sand rangoli, you just need colorful sand, which can be found at art and craft stores.

Next, fill in the design with colored sand. You can create beautiful patterns by sprinkling sand on the floor. It’s a fun way to decorate outdoor spaces like beaches or parks. If you are happy with your sand rangoli, you can simply soften the sand and erase the design. It is an ephemeral yet beautiful piece of art that celebrates creativity and tradition in a simple and fun way.

The best thing about this rangoli design with sand is that it requires a minimum amount of materials. All you need is some colorful sand, a steady hand, and the mind to spray it. With just a few steps, you can turn a simple floor into a masterpiece.

Start by choosing a design that suits your interests and skills. There are many resources available online that allow you to choose rangoli designs easily. Another advantage of using sand for your rangoli designs is its temporary nature.

8. Easy Rangoli Designs with Mango Leaves

simple rangoli design

Making easy rangoli designs with mango leaves is a great way to decorate your home for celebrations. All you need are fresh mango leaves and a clean floor space. Make your rangoli by arranging the leaves neatly, like circles or dots.

You can make it more attractive by adding some colorful flowers or limes to the foliage. People often make this rangoli for festivals and weddings, as mango leaves are considered. If you are looking for rangoli designs for Diwali, you can opt for this simple design.

It is a great way to welcome guests into your home. Once the festival is over, you can dry the leaves or dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner. It is a simple and meaningful tradition that adds something special to any event.

The material you need to decorate your rangoli with mango leaves

  • Fresh mango leaves
  • Clean and flat surfaces
  • Colored Powders
  • Flowers
  • Diya or candles

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9. Simple Rangoli Designs with Diyas

Diyas simple rangoli design

The most simple and easy way to make rangoli designs is by using a diya. It will be a perfect design for Diwali. This simple rangoli design for Diwali will enhance the ambiance of your home.

First, find a clean spot on the floor where you want to paint your rangoli. Then, gather some diyas (small oil lamps), colored powder, or a bouquet of flowers.

This easy rangoli pattern will not only impress your guests but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere. With just a few steps, you can transform your entryway or living room into a festive wonderland.

Now it is time to light the diyas and see how your simple rangoli design comes alive with the diyas.

The soft glow of the lamp will combine with the intricate patterns of the rangoli to create a stunning effect. Your guests will appreciate your talent and creativity.

10. Swastik Rangoli Design – Easy Rangoli Designs for Home

Swastik simple rangoli design

If you are looking for a simple rangoli design for home, you can choose an easy swastik rangoli design.

You can create this rangoli design at the home entrance that will create welcoming vibes. If you do not have enough time to create complicated rangoli designs and want to create easy rangoli designs, follow this simple design.

Easy Swastik Rangoli Design is a traditional and excellent way to decorate homes for festivals and special occasions. The swastika symbol has special cultural and religious significance in Indian culture, representing prosperity, happiness, and harmony.

Adding the swastika to the rangoli design not only adds a sacred element but also enhances the overall beauty. Once you have made the swastika pattern, fill it with powder or colorful flowers.

Traditional colors like red, yellow, green, and blue look great, but you can use any color you want. You can also add extra designs around the Swastik to make it more attractive.

Once you finish your Easy Swastik Rangoli Design, it will bring blessings and happiness to your home during the festival.

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11. Square Rangoli Design – Small Rangoli Design

simple rangoli design

A square shape rangoli design is a must-have for Diwali decoration. Without a square rangoli design, Diwali can’t be complete. This easy rangoli design will enhance the look of your home entrance.

You can touch up the square rangoli design by putting candles or diyas at the center or in the corner of the square.

12. Circle Rangoli Designs – Easy Rangoli Designs for Home

circle rangoli design

If you do not have enough time to make and want to create an attractive rangoli design, then you can go with a circle rangoli design. The simple rangoli idea will give a focal point to the floor.

Generally, a circle rangoli design is created during festivals or special occasions. These easy Rangoli designs are not only decorative but also hold cultural and spiritual significance, bringing joy and positivity to homes.

It will be a perfect rangoli design for the Diwali celebration. You can enhance the look of the round rangoli design by adding diyas and candles.

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What is the Main Purpose of Rangoli?

The main purpose of Rangoli is to bring beauty, positivity, and good luck to homes and surroundings. To welcome Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and good luck.

What material are used In Rangoli?

In Rangoli, you can use materials like colored powders, flower petals, rice grains, sand, and even natural elements like leaves and stones.

Which types of Rangoli is Best?

The best type of rangoli depends on personal preference, but traditional designs like geometric patterns, floral motifs, and religious symbols are widely appreciated.

On Which Occasion Rangoli is made?

Rangoli is made on various occasions, like festivals, weddings, religious ceremonies, and other celebrations.

Which Direction is best for Rangoli Design?

As per the vastu, the best directions for rangoli are north, east, or northeast. It is believed as per Vastu Shastra, these directions bring positivity.

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