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Modern Simple POP Design in 2023 

Have you Heard of ‘Love at First Sight’? Or Believe in ‘First Impressions’?

Well, you will agree with me on one thing, which is ‘your house is your reflection’. Each home reflects a personality that the owner possesses. When you present yourself, you believe in making first impressions, then why not have a First impression of your home?

When you enter any house, what do you see first? The answer lies in your living room- THE CEILING!

Walls and ceilings have the power to make first impressions. Many interior decorators will advise you to create an everlasting impact by creating trendy, unique, and beautiful false ceiling design.

Read ahead for modern simple pop design for making your home look brand new and gorgeous. There are various types of materials from which you can pick your ceiling design simple, the most common and affordable one is Plaster of Paris. Also known as POP, it is budget-friendly and gives a rich-looking false ceiling design for hall.

Depending on the vibe of your house, choose something unique, quirky, and fashionable. Pop is most convenient because of its simple installation procedures and affordable costs. In this blog, I have tried to summarize some low cost simple pop design that will beautify your home.

Let us have a look at these latest modern simple pop design ideas for your home.

1. Modern Simple POP Design with Colored Lighting

modern simple POP design

The use of bright colors will fill your room with life. Use different colors in your POP Design to create that playful look. Hues of red color such as pink and orange, blue, yellow, and white are very eye-catchy and attract anyone’s attention very easily. These colors can be applied to Bedroom modern simple pop design to give your bedroom a dreamy makeover.

2. Modern False Ceiling POP Design with Wood

modern simple POP design

You can use wooden work on the ceiling along with POP to give that rustic look to your home. Using wood panels in geometric designs or simply accompanying it with POP moldings will create a modern simple POP design hall to give a vintage effect. For modern simple POP design use single colored lights, either yellow or white to create a beautiful look.

3. False Ceiling Design with Layering

modern simple POP design

This Layered false ceiling simple POP design will make your small home look enormous because of its multiple dimensions. You can use LED strip lights in between to add color or simply go for monotone using warm colors on your ceiling to uplift it.This will give your modern simple POP design a sleek touch! 

4. Hall Ceiling POP Design with Coffered Panelling

modern simple POP design

The coffered ceiling is the latest trend where the ceiling has square-shaped partitions and boundaries made with POP. This type of ceiling looks symmetric and blends in well with any room making it look more spacious. This is one of the false ceiling POP design you can use in your living room for that unique look!

5. POP Roof Design with Royal Gold 

modern simple POP design

For that traditional Raja-Maharaja royal look, use this golden-white POP design. This simple design POP yet classy golden theme will make you feel like the king of your home. It blends well with both traditional as well as modern ceiling design.

6. Ceiling Design Simple with Circles

modern simple POP design

Circles create interesting shapes for your POP Ceiling you can create flower patterns using semi-circles or infinity design. This POP roof design simple can be adorned with lights in a circular motion that will complement the ceiling, making your vision stuck on the ceiling all the time!

7. Modern Simple Pop Design Hall with Petals

modern simple POP design

This interesting pattern can entirely change the look of your room. If you are an art lover, this is exactly the piece you would love to showcase. Use different colors or mono-color simple POP design to bring life to your ceiling. Each petal can be made using POP Moulds and later given finishing as per the design. You can use this hall’s modern ceiling design and add lights to complete the entire look. This hall design Pop will enhance the living area and add character to your room.

8. POP Roof Design with Chandeliers 

modern simple POP design

Just install a Chandelier or a statement light in the middle of your simple POP design and look how it transforms the entire room. Lights are very important in a hall ceiling POP design, it is necessary to have the right shade of light to match the vibe of the room. An antique, multi-tiered chandelier goes well with a warm or neutral false ceiling POP design. This gives your home that extra dash of sparkle and beauty. Because chandeliers are extremely heavy, if you’re using one on a false ceiling, make sure you suspend it from the ceiling beams rather than the gypsum board. 

9. Modern Simple POP Design with Geometric Shapes

modern simple POP design

The new and trending POP designs include Geometric designs. This hall POP design is stylish and adds elegance to your living room area with its geometric pattern. Plaster of Paris has the benefit of being moldable into any shape or form imaginable. Therefore, use tasteful geometric designs if you want to give your home some avant-garde architectural elements. Your walls may be perfectly decorated with slanted fake ceilings, projecting triangles, and multi-edged geometric designs made of Plaster of Paris.

10. Simple POP Design with Two Colours

modern simple POP design

There are many combinations you can choose from, the most popular POP design is a yellow-and-white color combination. Architechts generally include two colors only, for bedroom modern simple POP design. Choose colors wisely that will compliment your wall and room furniture too. The use of too many colors often distracts a person, hence the most tried and tested combination will always give you win-win results.


Which type of ceiling is best?

Plaster of Paris is most affordable and easy to install giving multiple designing options even in small space. Hence, POP is the best while designing a Ceiling.

Which is costly Gypsum or Plaster of Paris?

POP is less expensive comparatively. Gypsum on the other hand requires a lot of specialized skills to install, hence more expensive.

How long can pop ceiling last?

POP ceilings are most durable. They are long lasting unless and until there is an outer damage to the ceiling. They can easily stay put for 20-25 years without any maintenance.

What is the price of pop?

The most important material in creating False Ceiling is POP. The costing of POP powder varies from Rs.250 to Rs.350 per kilogram. It is the cheapest material for creating best ceiling designs.

What is the cost of false ceiling in 10x10 room?

Pop being the most affordable material is used widely in India. The average cost for POP False ceiling depends on size of the room. A 10x10 room will cost approximately between Rs.5,000-Rs.7,000.


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