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Mukesh Ambani House Antilia: Inside the Billionaire’s Luxurious Home

Mukesh Ambani House: Mukesh Ambani needs no introduction. He is one of the most reputed and richest people in the world. He is a business tycoon and the Chairman and director of Reliance Industries Limited. In fact, as per the latest Forbes, Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in India.

Mukesh Ambani is the 9th richest person in the world, and Gautam Adani is in 24th position as per the latest Forbes.

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries, one of India’s largest conglomerates, resides in a luxurious and iconic residence in Mumbai called “Antilia.

mukesh ambani house antilia image

Antilia Mumbai is one of the most expensive homes in the world and is known for its price, luxury and brilliance in architecture and Design. Mukesh Ambani house, Antilia, is one of the most expensive properties in the world. But in India, Antilia is the most expensive house.

Not just Antilia, Mukesh Ambani also owns a property in London. Recently, Mukesh Ambani bought a residential property in Dubai that became the newspaper’s headline. In fact, this property is one of the most expensive properties in Palm Jumeirah.

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Antilia Mumbai – Interesting Facts 

This blog is all about Mukesh Ambani House, Antilia Interior, Anitilia House Price, antilia house price in rupees and recent purchase properties by the Ambani Family.

In fact, Anitlia House is one of the famous tourist places in Mumbai. This property attracts lakhs of tourists due to its brilliance in architecture, Design and Antilia Price.

The house has numerous luxury amenities, including a multi-story garage, a ballroom, a home theatre, multiple swimming pools, a health spa, a temple, and lush gardens. Also, there is a Helipad on the top of Antilia House.

The Antilia Price is estimated to be $1 to $2 billion, making it one of the most expensive homes in the world.

Antilia Mumbai – Key Features

Mukesh Ambani House Antilia
Location Mumbai, Maharashtra
Area (in sq ft) 4,00,000 sq ft
Mukesh Ambani house Price 15,000 Crores Approx
Total no. of floors 27
Construction Construction began in 2006 and Complete in 2010
Architect & Designer Perkins & Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates
Inspiration behind the name Antilia It is named after Phantom island
Total Staff Approx 600 staff
Car Parking 6 floors car parking
key attractions Private movie theater, 3 helipads, hanging garden, ice-cream parlour, and much more.

Mukesh Ambai House Antilia – Construction

The construction of Antilia Mumbai began in year 2006 and it was completed in 2010. After the completion of construction, the Ambani Family moved to Antilia in 2011 due to vastu-related issues.

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Mukesh Ambani Net Worth

As per the latest Forbes, Mukesh Ambani’s net worth in rupees is 91.4 billion dollars, which makes him the richest person in Asia. 

Mukesh Ambani’s leadership and vision have played an important role in the growth and diversification of Reliance Industries into these various sectors.

His focus on Telecommunications, digital technology, and retail has been particularly transformative and profoundly impacted the Indian business landscape.

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Mukesh Ambani House Price in Indian Rupees

Mukesh Ambani Antilia has attracted significant attention and fascination due to its extravagant design and luxurious features. It serves as both a private residence for the Ambani family and a symbol of their wealth and success. It is 27 floors property.

As per the reports, Ambani house price in Indian Rupees is estimated to be approx. 15,000 crores rupees.

Mukesh Ambani House Address

Antilia House is a landmark in Mumbai. Various tourists visit every day to see a glimpse of Antilia. Every day, you can see many crowds standing at the gate and clicking photos.

Mukesh Ambani House Address: Altamount Road, Cumballa Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra (400026).

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Antilia House Mumbai – Overview 

Antilia House is renowned for its Price unique and modern architectural design. The building’s design combines elements of traditional Indian palace architecture with a contemporary and distinctive style.

It is a 27-story skyscraper, which makes it one of the tallest buildings in the world. This property is spread over a 4,00,000 sq. ft. Area consisting of six floors of parking, three rooftop helipads, three floors of hanging gardens, a private movie theatre, a temple, an ice-cream parlour, and a snow room.

Mukesh Ambani House was designed and built by Hirsch Bedner Associates, a construction company based in Los Angeles and Perkins & Wins, an architecture firm from the USA.

There are nine elevators in Antilia House, all assigned to different house floors. Family, Staff and Guests all have separate elevators that help them easily navigate the house.

Mukesh Ambani and his Sons have a high love for supercars; therefore, the sixth floor of Antilia House is dedicated to parking, and approx. 168 cars can easily park here. Some of the Ambani family’s favourite vehicles, like the Aston Martin, Maybach 62, Rapide, and Mercedes SL500, are parked here.

Mukesh Ambani lives in Antilia House with his wife and two sons, Anant and Akash Ambani. Akash Ambani is married to Shloka Ambani, but they also have a son, Prithvi Akash. Both of them live in the family.

Antilia Mumbai – Interior Images

antilia house interior images


mukesh ambani house interior images

Mukesh Ambani Dubai House

As per the reports, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Director of Reliance Industries Limited, bought a beachside villa in Dubai in 2022 worth 80 million USD.

Mukesh Ambani bought this house for his youngest son, Anant Ambani. Now, he owns the most luxurious and expensive properties in Dubai. This house is located in Palm Jumeirah.

mukesh ambani dubai house

Also, Palm Jumeirah is the home of some big celebrities like Shahrukh Khan and David Beckham.

If you talk about Mukesh Ambani Dubai House, it consists of a private spa with seven exclusive special facilities, 10 bedrooms, and an indoor and outdoor pool.

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Mukesh Ambani London House – Key Features

In 2021, Mukesh Ambani acquired the property of Stock Park in London. Here are some interesting facts about Mukesh Ambani London House:

  • According to reports, Mukesh Ambani buys a property in London worth 592 crores. 
  • It is located approx—40 km from London. Mukesh Ambani London House is spread over 300 acres (120 hectares).
  • This property is famous for two James Bond films that were shot there. These Two films were Goldfinger (in 1964) and Never Dies (in 1997)
  • Mukesh Ambani London House consists of a five-star hotel with approx. 49 rooms and suites. He is planning to construct a mini-hospital within this property.
  • This property is historic because it belonged to the king brothers Hertford, Witney and Chester.

mukesh ambani london house image


mukesh ambani london house


Mukesh Ambani House is a landmark for tourists; it attracts lakhs of people due to its brilliance, architecture, design and cost. Antilia House is one of the most expensive homes in the world.

Antilia is one of the key attractions in Mumbai. Mukesh Ambani and his family live here and celebrate various occasions and festivals.

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What is the price of Ambani House?

The Price of Ambani House is $1 to $2 billion.

How many rooms are in Ambani House?

The exact number of rooms in Antilia is not publicly disclosed.

How many floors in Antilia?

There are 27 floors in Antilia

How many cars Ambani Have?

Mukesh Ambani have more than 150 cars.

How many rupees in Antilia House?

The cost of Antilia House in rupees is approx. 15,000 crore.

Which is the most luxurious house in India?

Antilia Mumbai is the most luxurious house in India.

Is Antilia more expensive than Burj Khalifa?


What is the maintenance cost of Antilia?

The maintenance cost of Antilia is not accurate, but it is approx. 2.5 crores per month.

What are the facilities of Antilia house?

The facilities of Antilia House are 9 high speed elevators, swimming pool, spa, health centre, 168-car garage, a 50-seat theatre, terrace gardens, a temple, and a snow room.

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