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You always heard Square Meter to Square Feet without Knowing these units. Here we clear all your doubts about square meters to square feet.

Convert Square Meter to Square Feet Easily: A Quick Guide

In your daily life, you always heard square meter to square feet; without Knowing these units, you could face many problems in mathematics calculations and land purchases. You can find information on this topic over the internet, but if your doubts are not cleared, please read our article completely. This will surely be helpful to your doubts about square meters to square feet. 

Understanding these units makes the calculations faster. The square meter to square feet is very helpful for anyone unsure about the conversion. It’s also useful for anyone who needs to know how much space they have in square feet and what it would be in square meter.

In this article, we, Larisa Realtech, will help you understand square meters to square feet, the difference between square meters and square feet, the relationship between them, and the History of square meters and square feet.

Square Meter(sq mt) to Square Feet (sq ft) Conversions

1 Square Meter to Square Feet


100 sq meter to sq feet


200 square meter to square feet


50 sq meter to sq feet


10 Square Meter to Square Feet


500 sq meter to sq feet


30 Square Meter to Square Feet


40 sq meter to sq feet


300 sq meter to sq feet


400 Square Meter to Square Feet


250 sqm to sqft


600 sq m to sq ft


Understanding: Square Meter

A square meter is a measurement unit that is globally used; although it is used globally, it is not popular in the United States. Square meter or square meter both terms are similar, but different people pronounce them in different ways.

This unit is used worldwide to measure two-dimensional spaces such as a floor or field; it is globally accepted as the standard international area unit in mathematics and calculations. This is why the square meter is widely used in real estate and land purchasing.

Good knowledge of this measurement unit and the conversion process would thus come in handy during property buying, and calculations, among other things.

A square meter, often pronounced as M2, sq.m, is a unit of area measurement equal to a square measuring one meter on each side. This unit is compulsory for many mathematics calculations.

While measuring real estate, it should be noted that the area is proportional to the square of the linear dimension. So, if the linear dimensions are doubled, the area is four times larger.

Since square meters is a unit that measures area, these are typically avoided when measuring length or distance in one direction. This is precisely why one can convert a square meter into a square foot.

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History of Square Meter

This word meter derives from the Greek word metron. Metron is a measurement unit. In the late 1600s, many attempts were made to standardize measuring systems. In 1675, a physicist named Tito Livio Burattini thought to standardize the length of a pendulum by considering it as a meter.

This experiment was disproved when it was found that each country had a different pendulum length for seconds. The Conference Générale des Poi ds et Measures (CGPM) developed a revised definition in 1983, which is used across the globe.

1 Meter 100 Cm
1 Meter 1000 mm
1 Meter 0.0001km
1 Meter 3.2 ft.
1 Meter 39.3 inches
1 Meter 0.001 hectare
1 Meter 0.00062 miles

Understanding: Square Feet

The square feet, also known as the square foot or sq ft, is an internationally accepted unit widely used in measuring real estate purposes and mathematics calculations.

The symbol ft2 stands for this. In the United States and most of Asia, including India, this measurement unit (square feet) is widely used for calculations.

Homeowners and real estate brokers use this unit, commonly referred to by their square feet size. If a home is advertised as 900 sq ft, for instance, it makes it easier for people to understand the area of the home.

History of Square Feet

Earlier the foot was used to be a measurement based on a man’s average foot size, according to some common opinion. This concept could be accurate because the concept of the foot as a measurement unit for area dates back to ancient Greece, and humans may have measured sizes with their foot.

Another fascinating but doubtful fact regarding the origin of the word foot is that it was derived from King Henry I’s foot size, about 12 inches.

Here is a brief comparison between sq m and sq ft.

1 sq ft 144 square inches
1 sq ft 0.11 square yards
1 sq ft 0.0929 square meters
1 sq ft 0.00002295684113 acre

Here are some common metrics linked to the 1 square metre to feet conversion.

1 sq m 10.764 sq ft
1 sq m 1550 inches
1 sq m 1000000 sq mm
1 sq m 0.000001 sq km
1 sq m 1.196 sq gaj
1 sq m 10000 sq cm
1 sq m 0.000395 bigha
1 sq m 0.000247 acre
1 Sq m 0.0001-hectare

How to Convert Square Meter to Square Feet?

The conversion of square meters to square feet is widely known as the basic measuring formula for land or property. You can learn to convert 1 square meter to feet with the help of the given formula and the following examples.

The formula to convert square meters to square feet is very simple and can be found here:

To convert Square Meter to Square Feet, you have to multiply the unit by 10.764 simply, and you will get your answer.

You should know that one Square Meter equal to 10.764 Square Feet.


There are few examples of the conversion below:

  • 5 square meter to square feet = 53.82 square feet.
  • 10 sq m to sq ft = 107.64 square feet.
  • 70 square meters to square Feet = 753.48 square feet.
  • 100 square meter m to square Feet = 1076.4 square feet.
  • 400 square meters to square Feet = 4305.6 square feet

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Relationship Between Square Meter to Square Feet

If we convert 1 square meter to square feet, we must understand that 1 square meter equals 10.764 square feet. In a square meters, 1 square foot is about 0.09290304. If you know these quantities exactly, you can easily convert 1 square meter to square feet using the method above, as mentioned.

Difference Between Square Meter and Square Feet

Square Meter

Square Feet

It is a larger unit

It is a smaller unit

Square Meter denoted by (m2)

Square Feet denoted by (ft2)

It is a metric unit of Area

It is a non-metric unit of area commonly used in countries like Unites States

Square Meter is globally used except in a few countries like the United States, where the square foot is more commonly used

Square Feet is globally used to measure the size of rooms, houses etc.


I hope you read our article completely and all your doubts about a square meter to square feet, formula, History of square meter and feet, the relationship between square feet and meter, and the difference between square meter and feet have been resolved.

If you find this article helpful and all doubts have been cleared, follow this article with your friends and family. Thank you  

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How to convert square meter to square feet?

1 sq. mt. equals to 10.764 sq. ft, so multiply number by 10.764 you will get your answer.

Which Unit is bigger square meter or square feet?

Square meter is a bigger unit than square feet.

How much is 1 Square Foot in square meters?

1 Square Foot is equivalent to 0.092903 in Square Meters.

Which are globally accepted land measurement units?

Square feet, square meter, square yard, hectare and acre are globally accepted land measurement units.

How many square feet is a 10*10 room?

There are 100 square feet in 10*10 room.

How many Meters are 100 Square Meters?

There are 10 meters in 100 square meters.

How much square feet is 4 square meters?

4 square meters is equals to 43.055 square feet.

Convert 5 square meters into square feet?

1 square meter equals 10.764, multiply 5 by 10.764, we get: 53.82.

How many square feet is a 30×40 room?

There are 1200 sq. ft. area of room.

What is 1 square meter called?

The square meter, also called the meter squared, this is Standard International (SI) unit of area.

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