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Convert Hectare to bigha

Convert Hectare to Bigha

Over the internet, you could find various results for convert hectare to bigha, but if your query is not resolved, then you are right at the right place. Both the measurement units are very useful in practical life. During property buying, you must hear about a hectare and bigha. These measurement units are widely used in mathematics and real estate; you also need to know these units to find many problems in practical life.

In this blog, Larisa Realtech will help you to understand hectare and bigha, the difference between hectare and bigha, popular hectare to bigha conversion, how to convert hectare into bigha, history of heater and bigha, so let us start this blog with popular hectare to bigha conversions.

Popular hectare-to-bigha conversion 

Hectare Bigha
1 Hectare to Bigha 3.987 Bigha
2 Hectare to Bigha 7.973 Bigha
3 Hectare to Bigha 11.96 Bigha
4 Hectare to Bigha 15.947 Bigha
5 Hectare to Bigha 19.933 Bigha
6 Hectare to Bigha 23.92 Bigha
7 Hectare to Bigha 27.906 Bigha
8 Hectare to Bigha 31.893 Bigha
9 Hectare to Bigha 35.88 Bigha
10 Hectare to Bigha 39.866 Bigha

How to convert Hectare to Bigha?

Those people involved in farming and dealing in buying or selling the property or purchasing some plots; fields are very interested to know how we can convert Hectare into Bigha.

One Hectare is equal to 3.986634 Bigha.

25 Hectare = 25*39.53686105 Bigha.

Popular conversion of hectare into some other units of measurement-

1 Hectare 10000 m2
1 Hectare 6272640 inches2
1 Hectare 0.01 km2
1 Hectare 0.0039 mile2
1 Hectare 100000000 cm2
1 Hectare 3.953686105 Bigha
1 Hectare 107639 ft2
1 Hectare 11959.8889 yard2

Formula: Covert Hectare to Bigha

The formula for convert hectare to bigha is quite simple; it can be done through the following formula.

Bigha = Hectare*3.98


Hectare Bigha
10 Hectare into bigha 39.86 Bigha
20 Hectare into bigha 79.72 Bigha
50 Hectare into bigha 199.3 Bigha
75 Hectare into bigha 298.95 Bigha
100 Hectare into bigha 398.6 Bigha
150 Hectare into bigha 597.9 Bigha
200 Hectare into bigha 797.2 Bigha
500 Hectare into bigha 1993 Bigha
1000 Hectare into bigha 3986 Bigha


About Hectare

Hectare is a standard unit of metric system used to measure the land field and plots area. Hectare has been used chiefly for measuring the large size of land. It is written as “ha” in the symbolic form. It is a non-S.I. unit accepted for use with the international system of the team. This unit is used worldwide.

According to the British imperial system, one Hectare equals 10,000 square meters and 2.471 Acres. In the perspective of a hectare, it is equal to the size of a European football field.

In the context of farming, the farming hectare is of high importance. It enables the buyers to understand the output of the agriculture field and crop production in the best possible way. There are 100 hectares in one square kilometer and 0.405 hectares in 1 acre.

The History of Hectare

The metric system was introduced in 1795. Initially, are defined as an area equal to 100 square meters, and hectares were equal to 100 acres or 1/100 km^2. The term hectare was coined in 1795 and is a conjunction of two Latin words, area and heat.

In 1960, the metric system was updated, but it is still waiting to get recognition. The European Economics community passed a directive in 1972. Some units of measurement were listed that might be used within a community. Hectare was one of the units cataloged, but its use was limited to the area of land.

Dimensions of Hectare

1 Hectare  2.47 acres
 1 Hectare  10,000 square meters
 1 Hectare  107, 639 sqft
 1 Hectare  11,959 square yards
 1 Hectare  100000000 sq cm

About Bigha

Bigha is a common term for land measurement in various parts of India. Where farming is dominant. The value of Bigha varies from one state to another state in India. There are two subunits of Bigha there are katha and vista. Usually, the value of bigha hover is usually 1 and 1/3 to an acre. One Bigha is approximately equal to 1/8th

The History of Bigha

Bigha is a traditional and local unit of measurement of land. The ranchers use such land quantity in India states to simplify the calculations. In the past, Bigha was the standard unit of land measurement in several parts of India.

It is not used globally because the value of this unit is not constant in all the India states. The value differs based on the location of the land. The variation in the value complicates the use. That’s why most south india states do not rely on these units of measurement.

1 Bigha 25083820.79 cm2
1 Bigha 25083820.79 km2
1 Bigha 2508382080 mm2
1 Bigha 1011.71410532 m2
1 Bigha 3887992.223 inch2
1 Bigha 0.0009684863208 mile2
1 Bigha 1600 yard2
1 Bigha 26910.66 ft2
1 Bigha 0.13378050706528 Hectare


Bigha is widely used in the following states: Assam, Haryana, Bihar, Gujarat, Bengal, Rajasthan Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Assam.

Standard measurement unit for real estate properties

According to the RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) Act, as per the standard, square feet are primarily used to measure land. On the other hand, the local unit is also used, but now all the official records for property dimensions are considered square feet.

Suppose, if a property or a plot dimension is listed in bigha or hectare

One hectare equals 107639 sq. ft.

For example, if a property is listed as 0.35-hectare, conversion of the same to square feet is as follows

0.35*107639 = 37,673.65 square feet


1 bigha is equal to 26910.66 square feet

If a chosen flat is listed as 0.039 bighas in dimensions, its conversion into square feet will be

0.039*26910.66 = 1049.52 square feet

Difference Between Bigha and Hectare                                                            

Hectare Bigha
It is a metric system unit for measuring plots and lands. This is a local unit of measurement for lands and plots.
The symbolic form of Hectare is “ha.” The symbolic form of Bigha is “Bigha.”
Hectare is acceptable in India, the UK, the US, Burma, Australia, European Union and Canada. Bigha is mainly used in Asian Countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and India.
1 Hectare is equal to 3.98 Bigha It is a larger unit than Hectare. 1 bigha equals to 0.2508382079 hectare.

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How many bigha in hectare?

There are 3.986633488 bigha in hectare.

How many hectares in bigha?

0.25083821 hectare in one bigha

What are the most common land measurement units in India?

Acres, square meters Hectares, and square yards are some of the common land measurement units used across India.

How much is 1 bigha in UP?

There are 27,000 square feet in 1 bigha.

How many hectare in one bigha in Uttar pradesh?

Bigha is equal to 0.25293 hectare.

How many gaj in one bigha?

One Bigha equal to 3025.02515 gaj.

what is Bigha called in english?

bighas, Biggah , Biggas .

How many bigha in one killa?

One killa is equal to 5 bigha.

How many bighas in 100 acres?

100 acres is equal to 100* 1.613 bighas.

How to convert hectare to bigha?

1 hectare equals to 3.98 bigha, so multiply any number with 3.98, for converting hectare to bigha.

What are the most common land measurement units in India?

Hectares, square yard, square meter, acres are the most common land measurement units in India.

How much is 1 acre to bigha?

One acre is equals to 1.62 bigha.




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