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Noida Structure Audit guidelines for high-rise buildings set to be implemented soon

NOIDA: A committee formed to develop guidelines for a structure audit policy for high-rise buildings in Noida was in session on Wednesday.

Residents’ groups who participated in the discussion suggested structure audit is necessary first for all high-rise buildings to determine which buildings require auditing because the process has a significant price.

Residents’ groups who participated in the meeting recommended that the survey be conducted first in all high-rise buildings to determine which buildings require auditing as it involves a high cost.

The need for a plan was highlighted following the collapse of the living rooms at Chintels Paradiso in Gurgaon this February, which killed two residents.

According to residents’ associations, post-survey, some officials recommended that the structures be classified into two groups -those older than ten and also those under ten.

The group also suggested that construction companies be accountable for at least ten years instead of the five years to conduct structural audits or repairs they should be required.

Noida Authority will let the policy proposal be discussed in the next board meeting.

Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Association (NOFAA)

Rajeev Singh, Noida Federation of Apartment Owners Association (NOFAA) president, said to TOI that first, a structural audit for all apartments must be conducted.

This survey on structural issues will be different from the audit of structural.

A structural survey can identify the society that requires an extensive structural audit.

The Noida Authority welcomed this suggestion and promised to add the same direction to our policy.

There is a need for an auditing policy for structure in Noida immediately.

Many plotted and constructed houses built by private builders and the Noida Authority are in a poor state, and an audit must be conducted.

We recommend that for older buildings for ten years or more, the audit should be completed within five years, whereas for new constructions, the audit could be conducted after ten years.

Yogendra Sharma, the President of the Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Association and the Noida Residents Welfare Association, stated.

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Structure Audit guidelines for high-rise buildings: Noida

In the meeting, homeowners’ associations also supported the recommendation of the committee to establish an advisory panel consisting of well-known government organizations like CBRI and IITs to ensure that the audit was completed.

The developer should define the life span of high-rise apartments, and it should become a necessary part for the registry of documents so that buyers can negotiate accordingly before buying an apartment which has a specific lifespan, Singh declared in his statement.

After the first audit by the builder, authorities proposed that the responsibility be assigned to an Apartment Owners Association (AOA) of the society.

The AOA must complete the audit and provide its findings to the Authority.

The expense of the audit, and any subsequent improvement, if needed, is to be paid by residents.

The committee would prepare and present the guidelines to the board to discuss.

If the board is satisfied with the guidelines, they will be submitted to the government for approval, Noida Authority CEO Ritu Maheshwari stated in her statement. 

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