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From the age of the Grandparent’s generation, our Indian kitchens have transformed with time. Mainly we using earthen urns, copper vessels and brick stoves, but today, we have kitchen design ideas. An attractive kitchen plays a crucial role in any Indian family household, which gives a significant amount of welcoming services to our family, friends and guest. Most of our festivals and special occasions are revolved around tasty food that’s why we’re here for best kitchen design ideas.

Yes, your guess is correct! We are with home-baked Christmas cake or delicious kheer, which is made by your mom on your birthday, the Gujjias on Holi or the Mutton Biryani and Sheer Khurma, which is a specialty of EID. And our list is started! Our deep heart attachment to the kitchen is fabulous and unique. That’s the reason this area of the home requires special attention.

Larisa Realtech brings the best kitchen design ideas that will help you make your kitchen beautiful and attractive. To taking the aim of making kitchen versatile without compromising functionality and efficiency. In this blog, you’ll find everything you need to know about the perfect balance for your modern kitchen design.

1. Natural Stone flooring Kitchen Design

Natural Stone Flooring Kitchen Design Ideas


The supreme element of kitchen  design ideas are natural materials. We Indians are very obsessed with ancient artefacts in which natural stones like marble and granite are included. However, from the design point of view this is counted as best kitchen design ideas if we use marble and granite stone flooring, it’ll look fantastic. If we research deeply, we’ll know these natural stones are primarily used as designing tool which is very good example of modular kitchen design ideas. If you want a traditional and cultural touch with a glimpse of luxury, you should try marble and granite flooring; it’ll look awesome. Apart from these, material wants a little bit high maintenance and expensive too, but the lavish lifestyle it brings is worth every money spent. That’s why it is counted as top most beautiful kitchen design ideas.

2. Chalkboard Backsplash Kitchen Design

Chalkboard Backsplash Kitchen Design Ideas

If you are the type of person who loves beautiful kitchen design ideas, also loves the creativity and want to spread your creativity to every corner of your home, then this modern kitchen design is for you. Transform your childhood blackboard backsplash design into the canvas and put your creative mind to work. It’s the best place to keep track of your diet chart, exciting recipes or inspirational quotes. From the modern kitchen design perspective, it’ll add an impressive look to your Indian Kitchen design and bring a fun element to your cooking space.

3. Small Indian Kitchen Design

Small Indian Kitchen Design Ideas

Looking for a simple, small and best kitchen design..? We have something special for you! This Indian kitchen design idea is delicate and tiny but has everything you need for everyday cooking life. It has been designed with a combination of countertop and base cabinets, an open wine rack unit, and a breakfast counter. These all are facilities of the best kitchen design in which you can also add a hob, chimney, and an inbuilt appliance space which gives the proper functionality of your kitchen—this small attractive kitchen design with a good color scheme that is ideal for tiny homes. If you are living with someone special or your partner, this is the best kitchen design idea which you should definitely try.

4. Island Counterpart Kitchen Design

Island Counterpart Kitchen Design Ideas

As a beautiful kitchen design ideas, this Island Counterpart is a versatile unit that adds professionalism and efficiency to your kitchen design. Using this design becomes the cultural and traditional focal point of your kitchen, giving enough space for meal preparation, eating meals and storing food. You can also install shelves, drawers, an in-built sink and a hob at the bottom to create extra space and cooking space in your kitchen. If you are a typical Indian family who loves simplicity while cooking, then this is the best kitchen design for you. With a couple of nice chairs and beautiful Lights, it is the perfect hangout spot with your family and friends.

5. Ample Natural Light Kitchen Design

Ample Natural Light Kitchen Design Ideas

The one thing we all Indian people want in the fresh kitchen design ideas is ample natural sunlight. If you look at the involvement of Indian cooking, deeply have spent long hours preparing food. That’s why it is essential to have a Kitchen with ample natural Light. It helps keep your kitchen fresh and airy and is a space suitable for making several meals daily. When you design your kitchen, leave space for the large window in which you put the glass panels to bring out natural sunlight. For spreading  the fresh natural light we should use the glass panels for designing to copy  best kitchen design ideas. You can also add glossy laminates and white tiled marble flooring. Because when Light comes your white marble flooring reflects sunlight, make your kitchen fresher. If you are die heart lover of natural light this is one of great kitchen design ideas.

6. Foldable Dining Table Kitchen Design

Foldable Dining Table Kitchen Design Ideas

In this kitchen design ideas we’ll talk about only one thing, we are Indians and enjoy our food time with loved ones, family and close friends. However, the family get together around the dining table for at least one meal in the day. If you are the type of one who loves hidden storage places which improve the capability of your kitchen then this best kitchen design ideas is for you. A foldable dining table will be proved as great tool, if you want to use modular kitchen design ideas. When you are with your family and friends then you use this smart storage space dining table. All the essential items you can put in this hidden place without messing up your central kitchen.

Pro-tip, from the perspective of kitchen design ideas, if you use dual-colored cabinets, it adds a modern look to your kitchen and gives you extra space for storage like heavy utensils, grains, masalas and more. This classic foldable dining table invites your family to come together for a meal. This design is best for those family who have kids and wants to spend a memorable time in which the meal time is purely family time. In this memorable time, you can also add a        in your kitchen. Yes, it’s time to say no to Netflix with meals!

7. Smart Storage Space Kitchen Design

Smart Storage Space Kitchen Design Ideas

A simple and genuine kitchen style is one of the most familiar Indian Kitchen designs. In modern kitchen design, most interior designers use many tools for decorating the kitchen, but we need to remember the straightforward kitchen design, which is simple, compact and space-saving. Actually this is the beautiful kitchen design idea which is suitable for urban people living in tiny apartments. You must add beautiful ample lighting in your kitchen for it to be attractive. You can use the area smartly by including oil pull-outs, fancy hooks for your ladle and kitchen spoons, pantry pull-outs, and skirting drawers, making your kitchen clutter-free.

8. Brick Cladding Wall Kitchen Design

Brick Cladding Wall Kitchen Design Ideas

In modular kitchen design ideas this brick cladding wall design is very trendy and versatile. If you use this beautiful kitchen design ideas then it’ll gives you the feeling of earthy and warm texture. Brick as a tool used in modular kitchen design ideas not for making the foundation of a home but, as usual, best for making sustainable and impressive kitchen design. This kitchen’s rugged vibe makes it a good hit in many Indian households. Warm wooden cabinets, brick cladding walls and a rough finish add a glimpse of cultural and traditional appeal to your modern kitchen design. It brings us to those times when our grandmother used copper vessels without compromising the sustainability of the modular kitchen design ideas.

9. Modern Wine Rack Kitchen Design

Modern Wine Rack Kitchen Design Ideas

In this modern age, we Indians have become metropolitan. We love to travel and explore new western lifestyles and cultures. And if you’re the one who is willing to take a chilled glass of lassi with well-aged wine with your meals, which is your favorite. Then then this kitchen design ideas  is just for you. It’s the type of small kitchen ideas in which you’ll see a breakfast counter with an Open wine rack. It’ll gives the look which is very attractive in your kitchen. If you are one who enjoy your meal with chilled wine. A well-settled and designed space for stacking all the varieties of wine collection. This is the modular kitchen design idea you should try. Because not everyone can afford a wine cellar; that’s why this kitchen design ideas is just for you.

10. Metallic Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Design

Metallic Cabinet Kitchen Design Ideas

From the designer expert point of view our metallic texture gives the descent and shiny look. That’s why it’s the best option in modern kitchen design ideas. The trend of marble and metal comes from the attractiveness of their colors and brightness. Stainless Steel cabinets and marble overtop are the best example of this. This Counterpart design looks attractive and versatile, that’s the reason this is suitable for beautiful kitchen design ideas. The texture of metallic cabinets gives you the integrity of all materials and brings a rugged look to your kitchen. This is a budget-friendly modern kitchen design in which you’ll gain a vast and more bright appearance. Also give the stylish texture of your kitchen design.


We hope you read the above article in which we give the best kitchen design ideas. After you read, this will give inspiration and the right direction to make your kitchen attractive. An attractive kitchen plays a significant role in any Indian household. We create this blog where you’ll get basic info about the kitchen design ideas.

Thank You..!

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What is a good kitchen size..?

180 to 440 Square Feet.

What are the things that need to consider in designing a kitchen..?

Good Layout, Accurate Storage, Perfect Lighting, Attractive Flooring, and Ventilation.

What are the five things you consider essential in the kitchen..?

Chef's Knife, Cutting Board, Can Opener, Mixing Bowls, Measuring Cups.

Why is it essential to design the kitchen carefully...?

Because it'll give you the right direction to keep your kitchen space huge, neat and tidy, it will boost your workflow.

What is the perfect kitchen Layout..?

The U-Shape is undoubtedly the most versatile layout for any size of the kitchen.

What not to do when designing a kitchen..?

Poor Circulation, Not utilizing vertical space, Inadequate Lighting, Ordering wrong size appliances & cabinets, Ignoring the wrong triangle.

What is the essential kitchen rule..?

Wash your hands well, and often, our hands are full of germs and bacteria, and we pick up new germs daily when we touch something. 8. What are the five ways to prevent kitchen accidents..? Ans: Top 5 ways to prevent kitchen accidents are as follows: ⦁ Create a kid-free zone ⦁ Keep a fire extinguisher nearby ⦁ Keep your cooking equipment clean ⦁ Never leave your stove unattended while cooking ⦁ The cooking area should be flammable free

What are the three most common kitchen accidents..?

Burning, Injury from machines, Falls.

Are kitchen Designers worth it..?

If you want a simple cabinet swap, appliance change, or cosmetic makeover, then it can be easily handled, but hiring a professional designer can save you money on the remodeling of your kitchen and also build the kitchen you envisioned.

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