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Sanjay Arora commissioner of Delhi Police inform municipal authorities about illegal constructions in Delhi.

New Delhi: Sanjay Arora commissioner of Delhi Police, has issued an order asking policemen to restrict their roles to be ‘eyes and ears and only inform municipal authorities about illegal constructions in Delhi.

Asking them not to intercede in such irrelevant matters, the police chief said such steps bring dishonor to the force.

The circular said that complaints of the crime of Delhi police officers in this matter are received from every region and area of Delhi. They destroy the professional image of the police force.

The circular further reads according to the Section 475 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, the part of the police in the matter of illegal private construction is restricted to providing details to the municipal officer.

Limit role to being ‘eyes & ears,’ cops said

After giving this information, Delhi Police is authorized to intervene in any matter only if there is a supply preventing illegal construction as per section 344(2) of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act.

The circular states that the Delhi Police has the right to intercede on its own only in case of invasion of government land.

The people’s confidence in the law and regulations and its authoritarianism is the best key to our success.

In any case, the settlement with this belief is inexcusable.

In the marketplace, whether residential or unauthorized colonies in Delhi, the police officers who are always on protection should know their responsibilities distinctly.

There is no scope for any irregularity in this matter.

According to Sanjay Arora, commissioner of Delhi Police

According to Sanjay Arora, commissioner of Delhi Police, it was the individual responsibility of all the superintending officers that this notice has reached all the concerned police employees should follow these instructions.

Some official sources said that the late police chiefs had also issued such circulars in the past.

In the year 2014, B S Bassi, a former top cop, issued a circular making it clear to the public that the police did not have any power to stop unauthorized constructions until they had communication from municipal authorities.

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S N Shrivastava, the Ex-police commissioner, had also issued strict orders to SHOs to ensure that police officers did not get involved in any matters connected to illegal construction.

Delhi Police had released a number earlier, requesting the public to record any demand of pay off in the unauthorized construction and send the audio and video clip to the official number.

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