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Top 5 Advantages of Buying Property Through Channel Partners

During property buying, you hear the word “Channel Partner”. In recent years, many dynamic changes in the real estate sector after the implementations of the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) and Good Services and Tax (GST), builders are becoming more dependent on channel Partners to increase their property sales through innovative ideas. 

In this article, Larisa Realtech will help you understand the what is channel partner, the difference between a channel partner and a Real Estate broker and the 5 advantages of buying property through a channel partner.  

Please read our article, it will surely give you helpful Knowledge, so next time when you will buy any property, it will help you to choose the best option to buy it from a channel partner or real estate broker. 

What is Channel Partner?

Channel Partners is a company or consultant that works with well-known developers or builders and helps them to sell their property, units or real estate transitions. It acts as a property advisor and sales professional. 

 Although the nature of properties can change, & the primary responsibility of a channel partner is to provide their client with a property that is precisely suited to their needs and to ensure a clear and faultless property deal at the best price. 

Difference between Channel Partner and Real Estate Broker 

Channel Partner is a consultant that acts as an advisor and sales professional.   A Broker is a link between the buyer and seller.   
Channel Partners do not take a commission from the buyerA broker earns commission from both buyer and seller  
A channel Partner does not take any commissions for consultant A broker charges a consultation fee to the customers   
The channel partner is an extended hand of builders or developers.   The broker plays the role of mediator between buyer and seller.  

5 Advantages of Buying Property Through Channel Partner

1. Discounts and Best Deals:

 When you buy a property, the first thing that comes to mind is discounts and best deals. The best channel partner can save your hard-earned money by getting heavy discounts and the best deals during property buying.

Hiring a great channel partner can save huge cash, as the correct channel partner or consultant will not only negotiate the price effectively on your behalf but also know of the risk and many hidden charges on the property to look for as the transaction moves along, saving the money in the process of property buying. 

2. Best Properties as per your requirement and budget: 

A better channel partner has more information about the real estate market and price than a buyer, so they can help you buy the best property according to your budget and requirement. If you are planning to buy an apartment or flat directly, you may not be able to find a suitable house within your budget, or you may not get the best market price for a property. 

The property prices would differ according to location, amenities, requirements and demands. Finding the best home will be difficult; you will need to spend more time and money to know about the real estate market trend in each location.

Channel partners act as advisors to property buyers; they can give you the best property according to your requirements and budget, and the buyer can leave the stress of market research to the consultants.

3. Providing End-to-End Real Estate Service to Customers:

Requesting a developer or builder directly may not get you all services or discounts and fulfilling the formalities required to own a property. But the best real estate channel partner can give you all the helpful services necessary for property purchasing, for example – free site visits, pick up and drop, documents, loan assistance, after-sale services, etc. 

A marketing consultant can provide other home and after-sales services such as interior designing work, or they can offer a good service provider. This would help the buyer and investor save time and money by getting the best services according to buyer needs and requirements. 

Larisa Realtech is the fastest-growing property consultant in Gurgaon. It is RERA-registered channel partner providing end-to-end real estate services in Gurgaon.

4. Helping Property buyers to Find the Best Location:

Every property has a different price according to location. All properties can’t be a similar price in a city, and each project value would differ according to the area. A channel partner would help you to find your best location based on your requirement and budget.

 Any buyer and investor need in-depth Knowledge of every location since many areas are recognized for residential property, and some are only for commercial properties. As a buyer or investor, you also need to know possible future developments in that area.

Buying a property in the best location can give you a high return on investment. So, if you select the best channel partner, they could help you to choose the best site. 

5. Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA) Approved Property:

RERA provides home buyers with a perfect intent to survey the whole authorization of the real estate property they are looking for. As per the law, all channel partners  and developers who want to provide services must register under RERA.

Any buyers can easily trust channel partners because they are registered with RERA. Channel partners add more value to the real estate market and sales. It increasingly acts as advisors and sales professionals rather than brokers. They are taking more responsibility and are accountable for their registration under RERA. 

Developers or agents are liable to disclose all details of the project. The RERA will keep track of all registered channel partners on the website.

Larisa Realtech


We hope you read our article and all your doubts have been cleared about a Channel Partner, the difference between a channel partner and a Real Estate broker and the 5 advantages of buying property through a channel partner.  

If you have any queries about the Channel partner, then feel free to contact us – Larisa Realtech.

Larisa Realtech is the fastest-growing property consultant in Gurgaon. We deal in residential, commercial and affordable housing in Gurgaon; if you are considering buying a property in Gurgaon, contact us – 8750868686. Thank You.

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How does channel partner work in real estate?

Channel Partners are property consultant, who work with developers to sell the unit.

How much does a channel partner earn in real estate?

A channel Partner earns by selling property and earn commission.

Why is channel partner important in real estate?

A channel Partner is taking guaranteed to sell property within a period of time through marketing strategies.

How much commission does a channel partner make?

Channel partner are stretch arms of developers, they can make commission on percentage basis. Different properties have different commission luxury or affordable.

What is the difference between a channel and alliance partner?

An alliance partner more engaged in interaction-oriented activities, on other hand channel partner more engaged in transaction-based activities.

What are the three types of channel partners?

There are three types of channel partners independent dealer, distributor and independent sales.

What is the difference between a channel partner and a reseller?

Resellers, purchase services and products from an existing business. After buying, they resell these products and services to end-users for profits. On the other hand, a channel partners build strong relationship with business and it a property consultant.

What is the difference between channel partner and distributor?

A channel partner is property consultant which earn commission though selling of property. A distributor works as an agent who supplies goods and services to retailers.

What are the different channel strategies for a product?

There are four different channel strategies for a product that is wholesale, retail B2B and direct to consumer.

What is a channel partner in business?

A channel Partner make business by partnership with organization to market and sell their products.

What is a partner commission?

It is a business process and agreements in which the business pays a commission to partners for bringing leads and sales.

What are the benefits a channel partner brings to the company and its customers?

When you partner with a company, they offer a commission on the basis of sales or profit a channel partner earns. 

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