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VASTU SHASTRA For Home, Office, Bedroom Kitchen

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu means “house” or a place to live. Shastra translates almost to lessons. Vastu Shastra is roughly the science of architecture or living. Even though it is an old science, it is still used today. Many homeowners rebuild or build different parts of their homes using Vastu principles. Doing this can prevent a Vastu dosh from most complicating life. It balances the five elements of planets, nature, and other energies. 

If you want your surrounding or home to provide prosperity and growth, you must follow Vastu Tips for Home. If you follow these tips, it can help you to remove all of your Vastu Dosh or faults. 

In this blog, Larisa Realtech will give you information regarding Vastu shastra, the importance of Vastu shastraVastu for the homebedroom, home gardenstudy room, lockerand office, and Vastu for the kitchen, the Benefits of Vastu shastra, etc. So let us start this blog with the importance of Vastu Satra. 

Importance of Vastu Shastra

Vastu has various positive effects on our life, including improved relationships, stable employment, academic growth, and mental wellness. There are both good and bad Energy in the universe. It decreases this bad Energy and increases goodwill.

Improved Relationships:

  • To bring happiness and prosperity, hang up a pleasant or happy family photos in the northeast corner of your home.
  • Placing a white sandalwood statue where you may pass by it frequently will assist in lowering the stress if there is any friction in the family’s relationships. The Sandalwood Statue will foster unity among the members of the household unit.
  • Keep a tiny branch of the Kadamb tree at home to help diffuse conflicts between the male family members.
  • Avoid donning red attire simultaneously or on the same occasion as a fight among the female family members. Do not display images of violence.

Academic growth:

  • Place the study table east or north of the room for improved concentration. To ensure the passage of Energy, leave space between the study table and the wall. The study room shouldn’t be located below the bathroom or a support beam.
  • Put the bookcase in the north or north-east, east direction. But you should make sure the images of books don’t reflect in the mirror because it may increases the stress and tension.
  • A bright lamp in the study table’s southeast corner will boost academic luck.

Vastu for home

Your home’s rooms should be square or rectangular, per Vastu Shastra. Additionally, ensure your rooms are spacious, clean, well-lit, and kept. All rooms should have as much light as possible, including in the corners.

vastu for home

Vastu direction for home

Your home’s central point should be clutter-free. To keep the Energy within the house, all doors, especially the main one, should open inward. Additionally, you should remove any damaged or broken equipment from your house.

vastu for home

Vastu for the Study Room

Students should face east, with room between the study table and the wall when studying. It is also suggested that you color the study yellow to enhance focus and clarity.

Vastu for Study Room

Vastu for the Bedroom

Never go to bed with your head facing north; doing so can cause nightmares. You also want to stay away from the round, oval beds or without a headrest. Hang a wind chime with crystals from the bedroom window to defuse arguments. Never building a temple in the bedroom is one of the most important Vastu guidelines for the house.

Vastu for Home Garden

Creating a garden within your house can be lucky. The Tulsi plant is one of the many Vastu plants that gather and spread positivity. The house’s northern, northeastern, and eastern parts are good places to protect this sacred plant. Plants shouldn’t be put along the garden’s perimeter, though.

Vastu for Garden

Vastu Direction for Locker

The south or southwest wall of the home should include the cash locker. Keeping a mirror in front of the locker represents doubling your money. Thus it’s great Vastu advice! Keep a money plant in a purple container as another piece of advice. Because purple is associated with achievement, doing this will result in financial stability.

Vastu for locker

Vastu for Office

To bring luck and fortune, people follow the Vastu Shastra principles when creating an office or any other business building. Vastu can bring prosperity and overall well-being to the workplace, improving everything from the money flow to the company’s stability. 

Here are some Vastu for office recommendations to help you set yourself up for success. 

  • The entrance of the office should face north, northeast, or northwest. According to Vastu principles, Lord Kuber, the god of riches, rules the northern direction, while the northeast direction, headed by water, represents a person’s financial situation. 
  • Entrepreneurs and Business owners and should sit with their backs to the north-east or east, north, east, because these directions promote prosperity and fresh starts.
  • Important financial records should be kept secure in the southwest corner of the office, and for growth and profitability, the office safe might be positioned there. 
  • The decor pieces must be positioned correctly to create an environment conducive to prosperity and positivity at work.

Vastu for kitchen

Every single gadget that occupies a major spot in your kitchen is significant and, if positioned by Vastu principles, may guarantee that positivity rules. It must be compulsory that every home must be a kitchen as it is essential for daily energy.

Sunil Mahtani, a holistic life coach at Enlightening Lifestyle and a Vastu expert, thinks the kitchen is the perfect area to enhance motivation and achieve improved health.

Vastu Direction for kitchen

As per the Vastu Shastra, the components of air, fire, earth, heaven, and water must be harmonious for your kitchen, and it releases some positive Energy. To boost the positive Energy in your home, you should update or modify some aspects of your kitchen.

Here are some key factors you must follow when you Design a kitchen as per Vastu guidelines:

1. According to Vastu Shastra your Kitchen should be located in the southeast direction of your home since, according to Vastu for Kitchen, Agni, the Lord of Fire, dominates this area. The northwest direction will function if you cannot travel in that direction for any reason. However, you must ensure the kitchen is never constructed in the southwest, northeast, or north direction of the house, as this can severely damage family bonds.

2. Vastu Shastra advises against placing the kitchen’s sinks and cooking range—including the gas cylinder and oven on the same platform or parallel to one another since fire and water are antagonistic elements that might negatively affect a person’s attitude. It may lead to Unintentional conflicts between family members and partners.

3. To overcome problems in life, you must place your refrigerator in southwest facing. If you follow these Vastu Shastra for Kitchen, it will give a calm atmosphere in the kitchen.

4. You should keep goods and grain in the kitchen’s southwest corner because as per Vastu Shastra, it attracts luck and wealth.

Benefits of Vastu Shastra

  • Homes constructed in line with the natural elements and by Vastu principles balance the cosmic forces, ensuring wealth and overall success.
  • Positive energies can flow into your home, enhancing inner serenity and bringing harmony to relationships in the ideal Vastu conditions. A a clutter-free, well-lit home that inspires positive Energy and improves Vast guides financial circumstances.
  • The Vastu house plan considers patterns, hues, and building materials that are good for residents’ physical and mental wellness.

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The concept of different energies that affect occupants’ lives is entwined in Vastu Shastra. Vastu Shastra’s concepts synchronize life with the surrounding forces. Consider these Vastu guidelines when planning the building for the main entrance, main bedroom, kitchen, etc., for healthy and better living.  For a Vastu-compliant home and other suggestions and Vastu treatments, get in touch with our professionals at Larisa Realtech.

We Hope you read our blog and that all doubts regarding Vastu Shastra have been solved by its key features, importance, and benefits.

If you find this blog helpful, share it with your friends and family, so they will also get some valuable information. Thank you.

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What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra can be roughly translated to mean the science of architecture or living. Even though it is an old science, it is still in use today.

What are some Vastu tips for Bedroom?

Never go to bed with your head facing the north, Steer clear of positioning a television or mirror in front of the bed, Neutral or earthy colours will give off a nice vibe when painted on the walls of your bedroom, create a quit haven by burning aromatic oils and using mood lighting.

Which Vastu is best for house?

North-east is considered the best Vastu direction for house

What is the symbol of good luck in Vastu?

The om symbol is considered most lucky.

Which direction is best for cash?

The south-west & south are the best places for cash.

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