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Gurugram municipal body fine for breaking GRAP norms during a single day

Municipal body fine for breaking GRAP

On Monday, one challan amounting to Rs 1 lakh was issued due to violating the construction ban in the NCR region. A maximum of 12 challans amounting to Rs 1.05 lakh was issued due to keeping uncovered construction materials.

GURUGRAM: Due to the wrong air quality index, Municipal Corporation Gurugram has increased its drive against violations of norms and rules of construction ban.

Last Monday, the government issued 22 challans of Rs 2.25 lakh for GRAP (Graded Response Action Plan) violations.

On Monday, one challan amounting to Rs 1 lakh was issued against violating the order issued that is construction ban in NCR Region.

A challan of Rs 5,000 was provision due to garbage burning and coal burning.

The maximum number of 12 challans amounting to Rs 1.05 lakh were issued for keeping construction material uncovered.

Subhash Yadav, nodal officer environment and sustainability wing, MCG, said our MCG teams also issued six challans amounting to Rs 60,000 for illegal dumping of demolition and construction waste.

Municipal Corporation Gurugram

From October 1, Municipal Corporation Gurugram issued 92 challans amounting to Rs 15.93 lakhs.

MCG is issuing challans for unofficial garbage burning, dumping waste and construction materials and C&D, keeping construction materials uncovered, and excessive coal burning.

Municipal Corporation Gurugram (MCG) has recently issued a team for dust control and its management to ensure dust control steps are appropriately implemented to decrease air pollution in the NCR region.

 Municipal Corporation Gurugram identify regions subject to air pollution

This team will identify regions subject to air pollution so that specific steps are implemented in the city.

This team will also ensure to increase in the proportion of water sprinkling on the road and proper mechanized road sweeping. The management team will also monetize or watch the maintenance of roads and ensure the greenery around the city and central verges.

After the implementation of the Graded Action Response Plan (GARP) on October 1, the highest number of challans, 58 amounting to Rs 6.85 lakh, has been issued for transporting and keeping construction materials uncovered.

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And 13 more challans issued amounting to Rs 3.75 lakh for unauthorized dumping waste and construction material waste.

As per the records of MCG, five challans for garbage burning amounting to Rs 25,000, eight challans have been issued for dirt mitigation amounting to Rs 2 lakh, and five for coal or tandoor burning for the amount of Rs 7,500.

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