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Gurugram civic body takes over Greenwood City – Realestate News

Gurugram: MCG, this Monday, took the care of Greenwood City in Sector 45, more than three months since the town and country planning department had ordered the civic organization to acquire nine colonies.


The latest addition is that MCG has taken over eight colonies. The officials stated that the latest one, Mayfield Garden, will be completed by September 7.

Greenwood City in Sector 45 News

The MCG will now maintain infrastructures like roads, water supply, parks, sewage drainage system streetlights, and sanitation facilities that are part of Greenwood City.

However, assets like unsold plots, properties, commercial establishments, and clubs will continue to be the developers’ property.

The electric system of the colony would be transferred by the DHBVN or any other service provider.

MCG has instructed the developer to help the corporation with its general functioning for 15 days beginning on September 1.

The developer may have to extend this period should the MCG decide it is necessary.


Residents will still have to pay off their outstanding MCG said in a declaration on the procurement or any outstanding dues to the person who developed the maintenance the company chose by the developers.

“We have finished the conventions and have assumed control over the state Monday.

In the coming 15 days, we’ll let the maintenance company set up in the colony work and ask for assistance during the overlapping period to ensure that residents do not have to face any inconvenience,” said Vishal Garg, MCG executive engineer.

Construction of Infrastructure

The estimated cost for completing the construction of infrastructure in the colony is 14.3 crores.

MCG director Vivek Gill stated that the amount would be recouped from the DTCP “Our primary focus is on an efficient progress and offering assistance to the streets, sewer framework roads, water streets, parks, streetlamps, and so on for the occupants,” he said.

Larisa Realtech

Water is lacking in blocks A, block B, and block C. Streetlights located in the B and C blocks do not work because the power bill wasn’t paid.

There is an overflow of the sewage problem,” Vineeeta Khosla, RWA president of blocks B and C in Greenwood City.

The roads around our block are in poor condition. The sewage and water supply are also areas that MCG must begin work on quickly,” said Yogesh Mehta, RWA president of A block.


If you asked MCG executive engineer Tushar Yadav confirmed that the construction company of Mayfield Garden had sought three to four days to take over the garden, which implied that the exchange was booked to be finished in the main seven days of September.

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