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Gurugram civic body issues notice to developers of 15 buildings

GURUGRAM: After ordering departmental action against three officials of the fire department for allegedly taking a payoff to issue no-objection certificates (NOC) to five towers of a residential project in Gurugram.

At the same time, an investigation has been ordered to fix the authority of officials who were involved in the circulation of the NOCs (no-objection certificates) to these buildings in clear violation of rules and regulations, TOI has learned.

Municipal Corporation Gurugram (MCG) has now issued notices to the 15 builders – both commercial and residential which got NOCs without fulfilling the required documents and parameters.

After issued of the notice, the Gurugram municipal body ordered the developers of these 15 buildings to construct a second staircase per the regulations.

At the same time, TOI has learned that an inquiry has been ordered to fix the responsibility of officials involved in issuing the NOCs to these buildings in clear violation of norms.

Mukesh Ahuja, MCG commissioner, has claimed – Gurugram

In his report, Mukesh Ahuja, MCG commissioner, has claimed that the fire department’s deputy director (technical) found that these 15 buildings were issued no-objection certificates in the years 2016 and 2020, despite having just a single staircase each. Mukesh Ahuja has also recommended a surveillance investigation into the issue.

A senior official of MCG said the MCG has been receiving regular complaints from the resident that these 15 buildings have been issued NOCs by the fire department, which is compulsory for getting the No occupation certificate, even after having only one stairwell against the mandatory two.

Some Sources also said these NOCs were issued to the 15 builders by some fire officials in connivance with the builders, and in some instances, investigations have been paid.

According to the National Building Code

According to the National Building Code, 2005, at least two staircases are required for multi-story buildings with more than 15 meters in height. But most facilities are abundant above the minimum authorized size of the stairs.

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The last week, Mukesh Ahuja wrote to the director general of fire and emergency services in Panchkula, Haryana, and suggested that the governmental action against three fire department officials under the Haryana Civil Services (Punishing and Appeal) Rules, 2016, for apparently taking inquiry to certify five residential towers of an upscale apartment in Sector 85, Gurugram two years ago.

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