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Funds allotted to fix deficient infrastructure in two colonies -Gurugram

On May 9, DTCP (department of town and country planning) ordered the takeover of nine private colonies. After the orders, MCG took over seven of these, including Sushant Lok-2 and phase 3, and Ardee City on June 15 in Gurugram. 

GURUGRAM: As per the officials, the Municipal corporation of Gurugram is all set to spend Rs 12.5 crore for maintaining sewers and recarpeting the road network in Sushant Lok-2 and phase 3.

On the other hand, the authority will spend approx. Rs 7 crores for the secondary structure and maintenance work in Ardee City. The estimated cost will be used for the maintenance services and recarpeting of roads in the colonies.

In the statement, An MCG official said the estimated cost for the deficient infrastructure of Greenwood City had yet to be approved. It also added that we have decided to fix and repair the old and deficient infrastructure in the colonies. The estimates that we have prepared do not consider the development of new infrastructure or infrastructure upgradation.

DTCP Ordered The Takeover Of Nine Private Colonies

On May 9, the DTCP ordered the takeover of nine private colonies. After the orders, MCG took over seven colonies, including Sushant Lok-2, phase 3, and Ardee City, on May 15. But the takeover of Mayfield Gardens is still pending, but soon it will take over. 

Ardee City

Last Wednesday, a Member of Ardee City RWA, Chaitali Mandhotra, said we met the MCG commissioner on this matter, and he discussed the estimated cost with us. We also raised a concern to the MCG commissioner because MCG has decided to construct bitumen roads in Ardee City, which would not last long and were of terrible quality. We have demanded either interlocking tiles or concrete roads in colonies.

The residents of Ardee city raised concern for bitumen roads and requested MCG to construct concrete roads; otherwise, reconsider the decision. A few residents of Ardee City also submitted a list of 23 extensions and told about the yearly waterlogging problem during monsoon. 

RWA president of Block A Greenwood City, Yogesh Mehta, said we had raised the problems of streetlights and made an online complaint, but the authority did not take any suitable action even after three months. 

Also, the speed of constriction work is prolonged in the colonies; the municipal corporation is only doing the sanitation work. 

As per MCG, the water supply is 15.2m, the sewerage system is 15.6m, and the road network of the colony is 10.09km long. According to DTCP, the estimated cost to complete the deficient infrastructure in Greenwood is approx. Rs 14.3 crore.

This week, the municipal body has made estimates to complete deficient infrastructure in four of the eight private colonies. After the takeover, the authority made the estimates after a new survey was done on the ground. The reports will now be sent to the state government for final approval.

Estimated Cost To Complete Deficient Infrastructure

According to the Officials, the highest estimate is for Vipul World, where a total amount of approx. Rs 8.22 crore is required to complete deficient infrastructural work such as sewer networks, water, and road laying.

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In Malibu Towne, the estimated cost to complete deficient infrastructure is approx. Rs 8 crore will consist of repairing roads, upgrade of sewer lines, upgrade of water lines, and recarpeting and repairing.

As Per the survey, the estimated cost for the deficient structure of Rosewood City is Rs 1.8 crore, which will be spent on recarpeting and reconstruction of roads in the colony.

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