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Elan Group Gives 1000 Cr Contract to Leighton India

Elan Group Gives 1000 Cr Contract 

Here is some great news from Elan Group that will change the Game in the Gurgaon Real Estate Industry! The Real Estate firm Elan Group gives 1000 cr contract to Leighton India to build Elan the Presidential, a luxury residential project in Gurgaon.

This huge contract covers the first phase of the project, which includes the development of 728 apartments, and is expected to be fully constructed in 40 months. The internationally renowned HIS CIMIC Group which has headquarters in Australia constitutes Indian division of Leighton Asia called Leighton India.

As the selected contractor, Leighton India new project will be responsible for the delivery of all civil construction works for the Elan Group project, including civil engineering, all site infrastructure, and coordination with other contractors within a timeline of 40 months. To finish the construction Elan Group gives 1000 cr contract to Leighton India.

Chairman of Elan Group Stated

Rakesh Kapoor, Chairman of Elan Group believes that Leighton India can be trusted because of its extensive construction experience in India over the past 25 years. Having completed some of the country’s largest projects, it is bound to give extravagant results.

Brad Davey, Managing Director of Leighton Asia believes that their customers have confidence in their strong performance. Following all Safety guidelines is a testament to their reputation for safety, quality, and reliability. This makes them the Market Leaders in the entire Industry.

The luxurious project by Elan Group is located right on Dwarka Expressway Sector 106, Gurugram. Covering an area of ​​30 acres, the project will include around 2,000 ultra-luxury homes priced between Rs.5 crores and Rs.15 crores. Elan Group gives 1000 Cr Contract to Leighton India to finish the construction work as early as possible.

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