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Gurugram administration to demolish Chintels Paradiso’s Tower-D

Chintels Paradiso society would be demolished

GURUGRAM: On Saturday, the district administration said a tower of Chintels Paradiso society would be demolished after the IIT Delhi team found structural issues and deficiencies in the Tower.

In February, a building of Chintels Paradiso in Gurugram partially collapsed and killed two women.

Nishant Kumar Yadav, Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram, said in his statement we have found some structural issues.

And also deficiencies in the Tower of Chintels Paradiso after sharing the audit of the building while sharing the report of the IIT team on Saturday.

Entire Tower D of Chintels Paradiso society should be demolished

It has been found that repair is not technically an economic possibility.

The entire Tower D of Chintels Paradiso society should be demolished, said Yadav.

The Tower has a total of 18 floors and 50 flats.

In February, the dining room of the sixth-floor apartment of Chintels Paradiso came down, and also two women were killed due to this mishap.

We have been cooperating with the residents and authorities in every possible way since the unfortunate incident happened, Chintels Paradiso said in a statement.

This misfortune prompted the jurisdiction or commands to perform various structural audits of high-rise buildings in the city.

As expected, the deputy commissioner will demolish the Tower on Monday.

Corroded steel was panted from the top to hide the corrosion

After citing the report, Nishant Kumar Yadav, Deputy Commissioner, said the corroded steel was panted from the top to hide the corrosion; even the repair work was unmonitored.

After sampling, the material, concrete, and content used in the Towers were of poor quality and not habitable.

The repair work was not standard.

He added in his statement after getting the report of the towers, it is recommended that Tower D should be permanently closed and also the process of its destruction should be started.

He also said the process of structural audit is also going on in Tower E and tower F.

And also the audit report of the society will come out soon.

Tower E has 28 flats and 22 apartments in Tower F

Yadav said the builder would pay the amount for shifting flat owners to rent to another location.

Tower E has 28 flats and 22 apartments in Tower F.

Nishant Yadav said. Also, after vacating both of these towers, there will be a rent agreement between the flat owners and the builders.

Also, the sample has been taken from both towers.

Chintels Paradiso’s Tower-D partially collapsed

The DTCP (Department of Town and Country Planning) had requested a structural audit of the affected towers after Chintels Paradiso’s Tower-D partially collapsed.

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Also, the deputy commissioner added a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to this incident.

Responding to the questions, Nishant Yadav said the instructions had been given to developers to settle claims within time and settle claims of home allottees.

Also, instructions have been given to vacant the flats and start the process of demolition.

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