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In two decades, there were 2,253 maps approved in Ghaziabad, and only 221 CCs were issued.

Ghaziabad: Only around 10% of developers who had their plans for building cleared by the Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA) in 2004have received the completion certificate (CCs).

The data released by the Ghaziabad Development Authority showed that it had approved 2253 layouts for buildings in the last 18 years.

However, only 221 projects have been approved with completion certificates (CCs).

These certificates are necessary for determining if a project is following the original plan or whether there were any breaches.

As per GDA officials, most developers delay seeking the CC to avoid the required examination before the certificate is issued. 

In several of these inspections, developers were found to have failed to provide the basic facilities included in their plans or constructed additional floors in violation of the law.

2,253 maps approved in Ghaziabad

One example of extreme planning violations is those of the Noida Twin Towers.

In a decision to bring down; the Supreme Court had expressed its displeasure at the violations and the cooperation between developers and officials from the development authorities last year.

The new building regulations of 2018 oblige all developers and plot owners to obtain CCs after their plans are completed.

Ghaziabad Development Authority officials said that the delay in issuing CCs is partly due to the new rules that made these documents obligatory.

Before 2018, those buyers who owned land more than 300 square meters did not have to obtain a completion certificate (CCs).

However, after the building by-laws were changed in 2018, they also became subject to the certificate’s requirements.

Therefore, the high pendency issue is, in fact, a legal matter.

The official acknowledged that many developers of multi-storey structures sought to stay clear of the GDA review of their buildings.

That is the necessary reason developers delay receiving a completion certificate.

Ghaziabad Development Authority

Before issuing the certificate, GDA thoroughly inspects a project, looking for layout issues or other violations.

If it discovers that the design does not conform to the layout approved; it decides to deny it. CCs application. This will also increase the time.

Gaurav Gupta, Secretary for CREDAI in NCR said that, for developers, with a significant presence, the process of obtaining the CCs began only in 2013-14.

Back when I was there, Santosh Yadav was the GDA chairperson and pointed out the necessity of the CCs.

After the UP-Rera came at the end of 2016, it was CCs that were made obligatory. Since that time, developers have been required to apply for it,” he added in his statement.

Another CREDAI the official stated that CCs were typically rejected due to disagreements among developers, the GDA, and developers.

Most of these issues have to do with economics, and they often cause disagreement between them.

One example comes to mind. GDA refused CC to the developer who went to court to challenge authorities’ decision to charge (CCs) fees for the metro and the Hendon Elevated Road.

Larisa Realtech

Beyond finishing the project, the developer must obtain specific approvals to get a CC issued. A nod to fire safety, lift or electricity, and sewage connections are required. There are exemptions as well.

When a construction company is discovered to have carried out additional construction, but it is within the limit of compounding, GDA can approve the minor tweak to the map in exchange for the payment of a fee.

Ghaziabad Development Authority can issue orders

But in the event of flagrant violations, Ghaziabad Development Authority can issue orders to bring down the extra building within 60 days of the discovery, official stated.

The development authority can also seal a property if the owner hasn’t applied for a CC for a long time. “But we regularly face problems by residents,” officials said.

Authorities have informed sources that the GDA was contemplating announcing new notices to developers and plot owners who had still unable to apply for CCs.

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