Modern Wardrobe Design with Panelling

you can opt for having an entire wall in this pattern with wardrobes and pick a colour that matches the theme of your room.

Modern Wardrobe Design with Wicker Work

you can choose to have wickerwork done on the doors of your wardrobe.

Glass Modern Wardrobe Designs

you can use transparent glass for doors attached to a metal frame, and the shelves inside can all be done in wood.

A Chic Black Modern Wardrobe Design

If you want a black wardrobe design and do not want the dark shade to overpower your room, opt for a design like that showcased in the image 

Open Concept Wardrobe Design For Home

if you have the space to build this modern wardrobe design, opt for something that is homely, neat, and does its job just fine.

A Walk-In Modern Wardrobe Design

You can choose to decorate with various materials like paint, stickers, laminates, and even sun micas and pick a design of your choice.

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