Put up colourful posters or artworks

You can also create posters by printing pictures of Holi celebrations or drawing small pictures.

Add vibrant cushions and curtains

You can enhance the aesthetics of your living room with stunning upholstery and striking cushions, curtains.

Decorate the house with colourful flowers

You can even use flowers to decorate the entrance of your home for a festive look.

Accentuate the balcony or open space area

You can brighten the space by adding a rug, painting flower pots, and adorning it with fresh, fragrant flowers to create a cheerful atmosphere.

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Deck-up the prayer room

You can also add mud pots filled with dry colours to complete the look.

Use multi-colour lights

You can purchase a series of lights, ornamental lanterns, and netted or pendant lanterns that emit a lovely, incandescent glow.