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Pyramid Height Draw Results

Pyramid Height Draw Results

Pyramid Height Draw Results

Pyramid Height Draw Results,  Affordable Housing Sector 85 Gurgaon will be announced by Town & Country Planning Haryana. Draw result date 30th July, 2019,Tuesday at Club Florence, Block E, Sushant Lok 2,Sector 56, Golf Course Extension Road,Gurugram, Haryana 122011.

PYRAMID INFRATECH Group positions itself as the name of reliability in Real Estate segment especially in Affordable Housing. Distinguishing features that makes PYRAMID unique within the industry are its in-house framework right from procurement of Land to Designing to Construction including backward integration. Our in-house activities not only helps to control the cost but also helps to deliver quality products at an Affordable Rates.

Draw Venue

Pyramid Infratech pvt. Ltd. Will be held on 30th July 2019 at 2.00 pm in club Florence, E- Block, Sushant Lok-2, Sec -56, Guraram in the presence of government Officials.


For Successful Applicants:

First of all we Congratulate all the Successful Candidates who get Allotment of flat at Pyramid Height Sector 85. Now We have to Pay Next Payment of 20% Amount Within 15 days from the Date of Draw. So if You Wish to Pay through Home Loan then don’t Worry here we will provide you doorstep service for your HOME LOAN need.

For Home Loan  Query Call

Minu Sharma – 9319845552

Just Call and Compare all the banks who Provide home loan for this project. You can also choose which best suit your Requirements. Our Executive will come at your Place to Collect all the Required Documents.Your loan will  Sanctioned within 3-5 Working Days from the date of login .

For UnSuccessful Applicants:

There is no need to Worry if You didn’t Get Flat in this Project as If one way is closed then there is always an another way. Candidates Who didn’t Get flat just pick your phone and explore new available option at nearby many Affordable Housing options are available.

Pyramid Height Draw Results

Draw Result 1 BHK A CategoryCO-Applicant
S.NoApplication No.Tower No.Unit No. Customer Name Father/Husband Name
100207207307RAJPAL SINGH TOMARLate. Om PrakashN/A
300101207407SUMANPradeep KumarPradeep Kumar
400301707302SEEMA KUMARIMahesh KumarN/A
500135007301SUSHMANaveen Kumar YadavN/A
600110307401SUNITAMahipalMahipaL Yadav
700215407403SIDDHANT PARMARSanjay Kumar SinghN/A
800139107402KAILASH CHAND GUPTABabu Ram GuptaN/A
900142207306PREETISunil ParasharN/A
1000101107205NISHAPradeep GoyalN/A
Draw Result 1 BHK B CategoryCO-Applicant
S.NoApplication No.Tower No.Unit No. Customer Name Father/Husband Name
100213807308DHAARNADinesh Kumar KukrejaN/A
Draw Result 2 BHK A CategoryCO-Applicant
S.NoApplication No.Tower No.Unit No. Customer Name Father/Husband Name
1002141061103JITENDER SAINIMool ChandN/A
200140006907ARCHANA YADAVNarinder Pal YadavN/A
3001965041403SUMAN PALIWALUmesh Chandra PaliwalAnubhav Paliwal
400214206107SWAICHHA GUPTAOmkar KathelN/A
500309904206SUBRESH KUMARRaghbir SinghN/A
600206601707ABHISHEK AGGARWALHari Mohan AggarwalN/A
 7 002148 05 607JOGESHWAR SINGH KADIAN Karan Singh Sudesh Kumari
8003016041406KEERTI GUPTAMunishwar Nath GuptaN/A
900304502103PRIYANKA ARORAR K KaulN/A
10001320061007SUDHA PANWARKishan GopalN/A
1100215204207POOJA SHARMAVarun GandhiN/A
1200193806202SWATI AGARWALGovind AgarwalN/A
1300137703103ANAMIKAPawan KumarPawan Kumar
14001249011103INDU SINGHManoj Kumar SinghManoj Kumar Singh
1500193504203VIJAY KUMARDharam Chand MehtaN/A
1600100702602CHANCHAL GOSAINAmit KumarN/A
1700178201802DHARMENDEROm KumarN/A
1800131903302RUPALI PURWARVaibhav PurwarN/A
1900132903306SUNDEEP JAINArvind Kumar JainN/A
2000111005406RAKESHKanwar SinghN/A
2100177903403KIRAN YADAVDharmenderN/A
2200103803406SHAKTI SINGHSukhbir SinghN/A
23001333031106SURINDER YADAVJagdish YadavN/A
2400142503407HARI OMMangtu RamN/A
25001254031103KRISHAN KUMARSuresh KumarN/A
26002008051003MANJEET SAINIMange RamN/A
2700133402807VIJAY KUMARVirender SinghN/A
28003012041202SHASHANK GUPTANarendra Kumar GuptaN/A
2900301901303KALPANA SINGHKaramveer SinghN/A
3000131703902SAMIKSHA GARGRajehs MangalN/A
3100139805203POOJA SHRIVASTAVAPrasun Kishore VermaPrasun Kishore Verma
32001401021506CHETAN YADAVRavinder YadavN/A
3300213602902KAILASH DEVIJagat SinghN/A
3400212301806BHARAT GUPTAJai Prakash GuptaN/A
35001005041107GUNAJIT PATOWARYPitambar PatowaryN/A
36001934051202PAPINDER KAURJasbir SinghHarjeet Singh
37001387051007SATBIR SINGHSuresh KumarRakhi
3800107501503RISHISH GAUTAMRatneshwar UpadhyayN/A
3900111706803NIKKIJagat SinghN/A
4000131505407DEEPTI VERMANaresh Kumar VermaN/A
41001048051206RAHULRanbir SinghN/A
 42 003010 01 403 KARUNA AGRAWALManish Kumar Aggarwal N/A
4300300102203LAXMI PIPLANISubhash ChandN/A
4400105305702MADHURI YADAVNarinder Pal YadavN/A
45001328031107DEEPAK PARASHARBalkishan SharmaN/A
 46 002144 01 1202RAVINDRA PRATAP SINGH Sukh Ram Bhaskar N/A
47001937031003SIMPI MEHTAKrishan Kumar MehtaN/A
4800305001506JYOTI RANIAmit KumarAmit Kumar
5000135504103ANURADHA SHARMAArjun SinghN/A
 51 001330 06 1407RAHUL KUMAR MISHRA Jagdish Mishra N/A
52001386061406DHARMESH YADAVSunil KumarN/A
53001068031403AJAY KUMAR YADAVRajender YadavN/A
5400125505303LUXMI NARAYANSatish KumarArvind Kumar
55001033011007GEETA CHAWLASita Ram ManochaN/A
5600110504903SONUJaipal SinghN/A
57001348031007TANU GAUTAMRavi Shankar GautamN/A
 58 002192 04 1407 DEEPALI SRIVASTAVAIshwar Chandra Lal Srivastava N/A
5900221801902ANKIT KEWALRAMANISuresh KewalramaniN/A
60001378021102PAWAN KUMARDharam SinghAnamika
 61 001394 04 802RAJEEV KUMAR SHARMASubhash Chander Sharma N/A
 62 002198 01 307 GAURAV SAkhtiesh Kumar Srivastava N/A
6300134601807NEERAJ SHUKLABrij Bhushan ShuklaN/A
 64 003002 03 1006PRASHANT KUMAR BADERA Madan Lal Badera N/A
6500307805103ROHIT KUMAR SINGHRavindra Nath SinghN/A
66001800051403MANGE RAMBirbalN/A
6700137101407PRIYANKA JAINDeepak JainN/A
6800137404502SAMEER YADAVBijender Singh YadavN/A
69001009031203MAHAVEER PARSHADBalveer SinghN/A
70001326011207TANUSHREE SARKARAmiya Kanti SarkarN/A
71001035031502RAVINDER SINGHJagbir SinghN/A
72001111031406PREETISanjeev JangraN/A
7300104406402MUKUL BISHTVijay BishtShweta Pradhan
74002007031202GARIMA BHASINDevraj BhasinN/A
7500214705806POOJA GARGSonu Dutt GargN/A
76001004031407KAILASH CHANDRattan ParkashN/A
7700304403107PURNIMA SINGHBirat Kumar AkelaBirat Kumar Akela
7800131805703RAJNI GUPTARoop Chand MittalN/A
 79 001104 04 1502RAMESH KUMAR YADAV Lal Singh N/A
8000212206106BHUPENDER KUMARRohtash SinghN/A
8100103006007RAGHAVENDRA KUMARDileep KumarN/A
82001390011403HANS RAJDhalla RamN/A
8300309303607YATIN JOHARRakesh JoharN/A
8400196306607AMIT PALIWALGanesh Shankar PaliwalN/A
8500111405102KAMAL JEET SINGHSh. Raghubir SinghN/A
86003005011507LALIT PIPLANISuresh PiplaniN/A
87001372041506AKSHAY SHARMARamgopal SharmaN/A
88001776061102SANGEETAVijender YadavN/A
89001063011506SHAH MAQBOOL ALAMMahboob AlamN/A
9000105003206RAJESH KUSHWAHAKhub Chand KushwahaSangeeta Kushwaha
Draw Result 2 BHK A Category 4Th Pref. CO-Applicant
S.NoApplication NoTower No.Unit No. Customer Name Father/Husband Name
1003097031002DEVESH VERMASohan LalN/A
 2 001338 06 1207CHANDER SHEKHAR CHUTANI Vishan Dass Chutani N/A
300128905606USHARam GopalRam Gopal
4001339011002MANOJ KUMARSubhash ChanderN/A
500309802207RUCHIR CHAUHANKapil KumarN/A
Draw Result 2 BHK B CategoryCO-Applicant
S.NoApplication No.Tower No.Unit No. Customer Name Father/Husband Name
1001343041005ABHA WADHWADeepak WadhwaDeepak Wadhwa
2001777051504MANOJ YADAVDaya ChandN/A
300114604405PAWAN KUMARMaru RamPoonam
400221401004ROHIT MALHOTRAShyamlal MalhotraN/A
500178804804MONIKA YADAVSatya ParkashN/A
600133702604ANIL KUMARAvinash ChanderShashi Prabha
Draw Result 2 BHK B Category 4Th Pref. CO-Applicant
S.NoApplication NoTower No.Unit No. Customer Name Father/Husband Name
100206703804RAJENDER SINGHRamnathDevender Yadav
Draw Result 2 BHK C CategoryCO-Applicant
S.NoApplication No.Tower No.Unit No. Customer Name Father/Husband Name
100107403601AMIT SHARMAAtma Ram SharmaN/A
Draw Result 2 BHK D CategoryCO-Applicant
S.NoApplication No.Tower No.Unit No. Customer Name Father/Husband Name
200114701708NEHA YADAVRoopramN/A
300213706808VIBHASher SinghMukesh Kumar
400178706908SURESH KUMARBanaras SinghN/A
 5 002149 01 908POONAM DHEERAJ SAINI Dheeraj Saini N/A
6002187021408MANOJ KUMARRamprakashN/A
7002118011208RAKESH KUMARMohan Lal
800308606308AKUL MEHTASharwan Kumar MehtaNeha Arora
Draw Result 2 BHK D Category 4Th Pref. CO-Applicant
S.NoApplication NoTower No.Unit No. Customer Name Father/Husband Name
1001292011408TARSEM LALRam KumarSusheela Rani
2001784011508VIKAS YADAVBhajan Lal YadavN/A
3001789031508TRILOK CHANDJai Singh YadavN/A


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