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Affordable Flats Under HUDA affordable housing scheme

Are You Looking For Affordable Flats In Gurgaon?

The invention of the HUDA affordable housing scheme for affordable flats In 2013, the Chief Minister of Haryana Manohar Lal Khatter introduced an affordable housing policy. Another name of this policy is HUDA Affordable Housing Gurgaon Policy. Such policy has been made for the upliftment of the urban areas.

Famous builders like GLS INFRA, MRG WORLD, SIGNATURE GLOBAL, and PYRAMID INFRATECH are the ones who come under HUDA affordable housing policy—and are dedicated to building 1, 2, and 3 Bhk flats in Gurgaon.

In 2020, two affordable housing projects Gurgaon was launched under this affordable housing scheme by Pyramid and Mahira group.

Are you looking for a flat? Or your friends/relatives may be looking for an apartment? Yes, many flats are indeed available at several places. There is no lack of 2Bhk or 3Bhk flats nowadays. But this blog will discuss affordable flats in Gurgaon. There may be flats available at different places, or construction is on in certain locations. But maximum projects are not so affordable by maximum middle-class people. But here we are going to get a summary of flats that are available in Gurgaon at reasonable prices.

Affordable housing projects Gurgaon

The exact area up to which housing projects of reasonable prices are available starts from the new Gurgaon and covers Sohna. Gurgaon covers sector 70 to sector 103. Sector 2 to sector 35 is the total area of Sohna where such affordable housing projects have been constructed.

You all may be surprised and proud to know this fact about Gurgaon. All the flats in Gurgaon are very affordable and suitable for setting up a business as well. Big brands like Expedia, BSB, Amazon, Snapdeal have their branch offices in Gurgaon.

As we all know, these are stable businesses successfully running in Gurgaon. As these famous brands have enough exposure in Gurgaon, many employers are needed at the same time. So these companies have increased the employability rate as well.

So it can be said that Gurgaon has contributed a lot towards increasing employment. How? Gurgaon has enabled several unemployed people to get employment due to their affordable housing projects in Gurgaon.

So it can be noticed that living complexes and MNCs are provided flats at reasonable prices. All such have been possible due to the affordability that has been offered in terms of housing complexes.

Do you know why so many housing projects were initiated in Gurgaon?

Not many days have passed, but Gurgaon has noticed rapid and significant changes in terms of housing projects. Some have been used for leading a happy life with family. While others have also been bought for commercial purposes. There are several reasons behind such rapid changes. They are:

  • Gurgaon is a proper, beautiful place in Delhi, NCR. It’s a very sought out place in Delhi, NCR. One of the reasons may be the considerable number of amenities available in Gurgaon.
  • There already exist many residential areas in Gurgaon. Above it, many more affordable housing complexes have been constructed in Gurgaon. Still, several constructions of well-designed, affordable, and user-friendly infrastructures are on.
  • Well, it is impossible to find any lack of amenities in Gurgaon. For example, the Dwarka expressway golf courses are very readily available to you if you have planned to own a flat in Gurgaon.

So we can say not only money is within your budget but will not face any problem regarding facilities/amenities. And these are the main two factors that we need to observe while buying a flat anywhere. So the constructors in Gurgaon have constructed such flats keeping customer budget/affordability and comfort in mind.


Will 3Bhk housing projects be available in Gurgaon? 

If these types of questions are there in your mind, just throw them out of your mind because reputed contractors have been in the process of constructing all the housing projects at affordable prices. So it can be said 3bhk affordable projects in Gurgaon are available. Not only is that, but 2bhk affordable projects in the Gurgaon sector also waiting for you.

What exactly does affordable housing mean?

The housing facilities/complexes constructed and made available to people with less than average household income are referred to as affordable housing.

This affordable housing facility is available to people with low income, middle-class people, and undoubtedly for people considered the weaker section of the society. House is a place of comfort for everyone. So the idea is to make housing complexes in Gurgaon available at reasonable prices so that these three sections of society can even afford it.

There are several projects under the Huda affordable housing scheme. Some of them are discussed below:

An interesting fact about investors regarding the housing projects under Huda affordable housing scheme:

It is undoubtedly profitable if you invest in affordable housing projects in Gurgaon rather than investing in shares or gold. Why? Because in case of affordable housing projects Gurgaon,

  • The risk is minimal or even negligible
  • You need not invest a considerable amount in these housing projects. Investors have the assurance of good returns from these projects
  • If you want to earn by renting any of the flats that come under affordable housing projects Gurgaon, such an option is also available.

Let us know why to choose affordable housing in Gurgaon:


  • Good connection between affordable housing projects, Gurgaon and RERA, and TCP.
  • According to the HUDA affordable housing scheme, an easy bank loan of 90% is available.
  • Nothing is charged for maintenance for the first five years.
  • Parking is free
  • Retail shops are very close to the flats.
  • Luxury amenities like a community hall, badminton court, yoga center, tennis court, gym are also available.
  • Advanced technology is fitted to keep you secure from fire accidents.
  • If you get tired after a long hour of work, the clubhouse is available to relax.

Do you not want to know why the need for affordable housing has risen?

There was a demand for residential flats in Gurgaon; there were several problems related to the price of houses in Gurgaon. There was a need for the availability of basic amenities and development of new infrastructure, and many other issues

An exciting feature of HUDA approved housing projects:

There is full support for affordable housing schemes up to Sonipat, Gurgaon, and many other places that have been noticed with lack of affordable infrastructure. The government has granted the license for the development of affordable housing projects in the following places:

  • Not more than 300 acres each in Faridabad, Gurgaon, Panchkula extension, Pinjore-Kalra, Panchkula.
  • Not more than 150 acres in Panipat, Dharuhera, Karnal, Sonipat, Sohna, Bahadurgarh
  • Not more than 75 acres in other places.

Features of Huda affordable housing scheme


  • There can never be any complaint concerning quality. The developers are highly experienced. They have made strictly available amenities for respective house owners.
  • No doubt that these developers have enough talent. But they are even more punctual regarding the delivery of house to booked house owners.
  • The developers under Huda affordable housing scheme choose an excellent location for constructing flats. They choose a location depending on nearby facilities, accessible transportation, etc.


So we hope that this article has helped you gather valuable information about affordable housing projects in Gurgaon.


So help others as well to gain knowledge regarding the same by sharing the blog with others. If  You have any doubt regarding affordable housing flats then please connect with us: 8750868686

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