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Mahira Homes Group is a multi-dynamic and multifaceted engineer situated in the thousand years city of Gurgaon. Mahira Group has been taking care of a few organizations like Real Estate, Mining, Construction and Education. The designer has forayed into organizations like Hospitality, Filing Stations, and Food Chain in the course of recent years.

With a modest start in the development business. Mahira Group saw unobtrusive development yet it has arrived at its present status as a result of our attention on responsibility, uprightness, esteem for cash, and commitment. We have constructed certainty and trust with industrious difficult work. Mahira Homes began with singular lodging ventures and proceeded to dispatch driving uber million activities with prevalent greatness.

We have confidence in center human qualities which never leave pattern. We never forget about keeping a human touch and associations with customers, merchants, clients and network, in our quest for progress.

A multifaceted and multi dynamic gathering based out of the thousand years city Gurugram, Haryana;

Mahira is holding organization to other assorted organizations, beginning with Real Estate, Construction, Education and Mining. The gathering has forayed into different organizations like Filing Stations, Food Chain and Hospitality over past decade of its reality. Mahira Group resounds Competitiveness, Energy and Resilience and holds them as its basic beliefs. Spread across northern India, across business, Mahira Group under unique authority of Mr. Sikandar Singh, is effectively inducing its innovative collaborations into productive invasions and ready to turn into a main combination.

Mahira Homes Group wandered into the development business with an unobtrusive beginning yet developed to its present height altogether. Because of our attention on fundamental beliefs of trustworthiness, duty, devotion. And conveying an incentive to every customer. Trust and certainty building set aside a long effort to make. And tenacious difficult work to accomplish yet in the end. Our endeavors have borne natural product. Beginning with little individual lodging contracts. We went on to bigger undertakings and today, we handle uber million tasks with liquid authority.